May 17, 2010

Unleashed = Unbelieveable

This weekend I brought the Prince to an awesome freaking place called Unleashed. It's a GIANT indoor dog park. Like Giant, the size of a warehouse. The floor is covered in wall-to-wall Astro turf. Below the turf is a drainage system. So the dogs pee and it just sort of goes away. Then, every night a sprinkler system hoses the whole place down. It was amazing. I wish I'd known about it during the cold weather. They divide the dogs by size. We started in the "small" area, but it didn't take long for the Prince to dominate every Yorkie and Chihuahua in the place. Had to upgrade. There were lots of Giant dogs, and the Prince didn't stand down. He kept getting double-teamed by the big guys... They had obstacles for agility training and the Prince felt right at home. I get the feeling that most of the dogs there aren't accustomed to jumping up on things. I have one unruly poodle who will not hesitate to just get-er done and jump up on a table. He was sitting there waiting for a never came because I forgot them. Sad. Of course, I took immense glee in gawking at all the other patrons. This dog is a Newfoundland. You can't really get a good sense of how giant the thing is from this picture. The pup was no less than 20o lbs and the biggest animal I've ever seen outside of a barnyard. The family also has a Mastiff! The owner, who so graciously posed for me (he doesn't seem to get that the picture was of the dogs, not him), told me this thing eats 6-8 cups of food everyday!!! Whoa. Chuy felt the need to give him the death stare... I bet he was thinking "stop capturing my mommy's heart, you big fattie bo battie." On the other end of the spectrum, there was a woman with three teacup Chihauhuas. TEACUP! They were like 3 lbs each. She has dressed all of them in matching denim dresses, sunglasses and shoes. SHOES! They're little outfits matched the denim jumpsuit she was wearing. I can't even start on how weird she was in of herself (refer to the disco platforms and mustard yellow toenail polish). It was really bizarre. Like she got too old for Barbies and just decided to dress up dogs. I wonder if they have a DreamHouse to play in? If they do, I'm jealous. All in all it was a victorious endeavor. The Prince and I had so much fun. One of my besties was even so nice to join us to keep me company. I don't know what I'd do without friends and poodles to keep me busy!

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