May 18, 2010

"That was way harsh Tai."

So a blog friend turned me onto a sweet little blog called Welcome to the Nut House! Over there she does a thing called Table Topics Tuesday, wherein she poses some question, philosophical or just for fun, for bloggers to respond to on their blogs. Cool little idea. Everyone gets more post ideas and more traffic. I'm for this, so this Tuesday I'm taking part.
The question of the day is....Is it harder for you to speak kindly or honestly? Hmmmm..... Personally, and I wish it weren't true, I think I'm better at speaking honestly. I've always struggled with being negative. Lately, in fact, it's really creeped up and messed up my life. But I have a hard time glossing over things and just being nice if I don't actually believe it. Like when something is bothering me, I'll speak up right away, rather than calmly trying to find the good in the situation and appreciating that. I really could do much better at harnessing my happy parts and paying more compliments and appreciation, rather than take the more "tell it like it is" approach. I'm reminded of one of the best movie lines of all time....
(Thats a giggle-tastic clip, and I'd never be that mean, but there wasn't anything false about Tai's insensitive comment) I guess I'm reading this question more like..."can you find the good in things?" And I really need to work on that. So, in an effort to stay in my happy are a couple of really great things about today: (prior to typing this I've been dealing with some issues today that were seriously sending me to crabtown)
  • I'm wearing a new top. And I'm in love with it. Silky, hot pink, ruffles...recipe for cute.
  • I got a serious sweet tooth, and instead of breaking my diet, I had super low fat fro-yo to quench the thirst for tastiness.
  • I have been emailing with some out of town friends today that remind me how lucky I have it in the friend department.
  • The prince slept through the night last night, so I'm energized today (routine changes have caused him to fall of the wagon lately)
  • I only had 1/2 a cup of coffee this morning. I'm trying to get off of it altogether.
  • I was actually on-time-ish today.
  • I may have some fun "out for drinks with girls" type of plans for tonight.
  • The weather is nice, maybe I can squeeze in a jog.
Yipee! I feel better already! I'm going to keep my kindness trucking hopefully. I'm feeling optimistic and sunshiny. Now, there is a lot of afternoon left for me to power through, but I have high hopes. Another thing I found just made me happy...there's a really sunshiny lady over at Life of Meg. Read her blog, its good. Thanks Welcome to the Nuthouse! for making me have this conversation with myself today! I'd love to know your response in the comments...


  1. I think we all need to remind ourselves to "find the good in things" every now and then! ;)

    Thanks for playing along! Hope to see you again next week!

  2. As a fellow honest speaker, I can say I enjoy being able to come to you and get a solid answer. Also, hooray for pink ruffley tops!

  3. Your ruffly pink top was fabulous! I meant to mention that earlier...


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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