May 7, 2010

Thanks mom! I heart you!

Happy Mother's Day! This weekend be sure to tell your mom that you heart her lots. Even if your mommy didn't do much else but squeeze you out, she deserves thanks! Here's me and my mine gettin' our attractive on: My mom is a treasure trove of wisdom...some of my favorite lessons she taught me:
  • That I can work, run a home, make babies and have fun - all at the same time, and do them all well. I don't need a man to get 'er done. But the good ones make things much easier.
  • The importance of a thank-you note
  • That you should be nice to everyone - even if they suck
  • To save money - for all my birthdays and Christmas I had to deposit half into the bank. At the time this sent childhood me into a total tizzy. She was so right.
  • How recording your favorite television shows and watching them later is really the only way to fly. Back in the day, she watched her daytime soaps from recorded VHS tapes everyday. She really was a pioneer.
  • How to make low-calorie foods more palatable
  • That my 20's is a time to do the things I want to do. Travel, work, play - whatever. She didn't bite the bullet on babymaking until she was good and ready. Think I'll do the same if I can help it.
  • Sugar cookies are by far the best kind of cookie
  • Quitters are stupid and I'm better than being one of them
  • There are few better feelings than being greeted by a happy puppy at the door
....Just to name a few. Oh and she loved me and took care of me unconditionally. There's always that. Thanks mom!

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