May 6, 2010

Television, oh how I love thee

This week I have TV on the brain ( if that's just happening this week). May sweeps is just around the corner and things are moving and shaking in all television I love. Gossip Girl. Only one episode left and the drama nozzle is turned to full blast. Dr. William Van Der Woodsen is back and he's definitely a lightning rod. Every relationship on the show seems to be in peril, except for Serena's with her long-lost daddy. What the hell? All of a sudden she's just the picture-perfect daughter and seems to totally have forgotten those 15 years he ditched her. I'm glad I don't have Daddy issues. They seem to make people do crazy things. Everyone else is still truckin' right along: Rufus is pathetic and jealous. Lily is a liar. Blair is an elitist. Chuck is fabulous. Nate has a gayface. Dan is a wet blanket. Vanessa is just boring. I hope the finale has some surprises and leaves us with some cliffhangers. So far, Gossip Girl: The College Years, has been a little anti-climactic. It pains me to say that. Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and better than ever! I have no explanation other than this is probably my favorite guilty pleasure at the moment. While I love their New York City counterparts, the jersey ladies are un-educated, don't have careers and demand to have big hair. They all have plenty of time on their hands for mischief. YES. Change is in the air this season. Danielle (the ex-prostitute) has been ousted. Teresa is pregnant (and bitchier than ever). Dina is studying new-age healing/crystals crap. Jaqueline just had a baby after 4 miscarriages. Caroline is just her normal pittbull self. The women are all great, but the men on the show are better. You don't know what they do for a living, and they're all very dominant and intimidating partriarchs. I think they're like actual real-life mob guys. The men are quiet, but always lurking around eerily. Modern Family. This show has been a new and welcome delight to my TV docket. So hilarious. I'd venture to say this is the best new show since Gossip Girl. It's so funny. You have all kinds of story lines: Nuclear family with a zany dad. Patriarch takes a young, Latin maven for a wife. Gay son and partner adopt an Asian baby. They all intersect in the most giggle-tastic ways. My favorite character is Manny. He is the Colombian stepson with an "old soul." He's a 10-year old boy who drinks coffee, loves Sinatra and fences as a hobby. I can't get enough of this little firecracker. There are only 2 episodes left. Watch it. Friday Night Lights is back this week! Hip Hip Hooray! I have been a die-hard fan of this show from the start. It's a good mix of small-town politics and football on-field drama. I guess there is a soft spot in my heart for small-town Texas, but really there is just a soft spot in my heart for one of the show's starlets, Tim Riggins, aka Taylor Kitsch. He could be my #1 fantasy boyfriend, and that's a big statement. Unfortunately he won't be on the show anymore because he's pursuing "more serious acting." Boo. I'm still a fan. The acting is fabulous. The story lines are realistic. There is some humor. It's also filmed in Austin, TX. You really can't go wrong. Tune in, you won't be disappointed.Thursday night NBC shows....they all air tonight and have 3 episodes left. I'm ready for a break from such a stacked Thursday night schedule, but please don't leave me!
  • The Office. I hate to be negative, but the office has been a disappointment this season. I'm ready for the writers to relax this summer and think of some better ideas. I'm not ready to write it off, but close. Big changes of the season: Dunder Mifflin has been bought by Sabre (a printer sales company), Jim and Pam have had a baby and Daryll got moved up to the office (from the warehouse). I need more Andy and more Kelly...much more.
  • Parks and Recreation. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. The rag-tag team of city employees that makes up the Parks and Rec department in Pawnee, Indiana just brings me more LoLs than I can tell you. Mark my words....Aziz Ansari = Rising star. Amy Poehler is the star of the show, but not anywhere near the funniest, if that tells you anything about how deep this cast is. I also think mustaches never get old. Maybe that's just me though.
  • Community. This is the first season. I wasn't crazy about it at first, but so help me, it is HILARIOUS. Chaulked full of movie/TV/literature references, it makes me giggle so much. The premise is that a group of misfits wind up together at a community college and form a study group. You have every stereotype represented: Hippie girl, overachiever, high school football star, single mom, old guy, mega smart middle-Eastern kid. The best character is Abed, the Iraqi wonderkins. Comedy Gold.
  • 30 Rock is easily my favorite in the Thursday night lineup. Jack Donoghy, played by Alec Baldwin, is one of the best written characters of all time. His entire persona is seamlessly woven with corporate, political and elitist humor. All extremely underlying and subtle, mad props to the writers on him. Then we have Tracy Jordan, portrayed by Tracy Morgan. He perfectly depicts the bumbling and non-saavy antics of a kid from the streets who came into fame and fortune. And Liz Lemon's addiction to sweet treats and cheese. Talk about a nod to the modern female experience. This show has only gotten better over the seasons and deserves every award it wins.
Can't wait for tonight! Looks like I'll be a busy girl!


  1. I love your take on the Housewives of New Jersey because I think the same exact thing about their husbands!!

  2. This sounds way more entertaining than going on a Jog. May re-think my plans and eat popcorn.


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