May 25, 2010

Sex and the City 2...soon!

Sex and the City 2 movie is upon us! Finally. After all the catfighting, rumors, paparazzi stalking and salary disputes...the time has finally come. The movie opens Thursday. I'm actually very super excited, but I'm wondering if that's my modern female subconscious telling me that I should get excited or I really truly am enticed by the trailer. It may be the former. Here's the trailer....
There are a few cheese-tastic things that make me skeptical. A. Roadtrip to the Arabian desert? How in the hell could you be so out of NYC originality that you choose this ridiculous location? B. Aiden is miscellaneously in an Arabian open-air market. C. Samantha is actually the bionic never-aging woman. Gross. I will most definitely still be going though, the clothes alone are totes worth it. The premiere of the movie in NYC was last night and the clothes definitely didn't disappoint there either.... Oh SJP. You are so fabulous, why can't I be you? This neon Valentino actually, truly, for reals, blew my mind. Loves the asymmetry, flowyness and duh the gray shoes.
Kristin Davis. Fabulous pick. Sort of Charlottey in the cut and tailoring, but more Kristin Davisy in the color. Ooh. Hot pink makes me happy. Super, super showing.
Cynthia Nixon. Snooze. Classic and timeless, but snooze. The brooch is a nice touch, though. Kim Cattrall. Her hair and lips do look pretty breathtaking, and she ain't no spring chicken. But, this dress really isn't doing much for me. The centered beading/detail reads a little prom-ish to me and that yellow sort of washes her out. She looks great, but its not my cup of tea. All in all, I think the premiere looks like it was a blast, but when 2 of the 4 stars opt for neon, don't the others pretty much have to follow suit? Why didn't they get together and discuss this, or at least shoot a "Hey, I'm dressing like a highlighter, if you don't also, I'll steal the whole show" text? I probably won't be getting to see the movie until next week sometime, probably better that way. I hates movie crowds (yeah I'm old like that). Recap as soon as I do!


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