May 24, 2010

PGA Golf - been there done that

This weekend I went to my first golf tournament. I've been interested in golf for sometime now, since I've been old enough to recognize "life sports" as a valid approxmately a year. Every year, Dallas hosts the HP Byron Nelson Championship, a bona fide PGA tour event. All I know of these events I've seen while snoozing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon or from Happy Gilmore. I was brimming at the prospect of a new experience. First of all, while it was a relatively classy affair, golf tournaments are really just an excuse for people who think they're classy to get drunk, which isn't that classy. I wasn't totally prepared for the boozefest that the thing was. It was fun, but excrutiatingly sunny and hot. I thought I had the bright idea not to wear a tank top, thus protecting my shoulders, chest and back, but in turn I fried the ever-living daylights out of my arms. That tanline will not be easy to get rid of. Awesome. We found a shady-ish spot and posted up near the 17th green most of the day.... As we sat there, golfers passed through the area for hours. I was watching, or trying to watch, but one of the things I remember most was a precious family of ducks passing across the green. Clearly baby animals are responsible for my most delightful moment of the day. The golf didn't stand a chance. There was one other standout, a 16-year old golfer named Jordan Spieth. 16 years old! We were there on the final day, so it was kind of a big deal that he was still in the event. Amazing! He's really good and already committed to play at UT. Duh. A giant crowd follwed him all day. I felt myself wondering "this kid is only 16, what the hell have I ever done?" But, then again, I got to drink beer and didn't have a curfew the night before. Haha, sucker. Nonetheless, he was really freaking good.Most of the patrons were wearing some form of chino and Easter-egg colored shirt and were of a decided uni-ethnic persuasion. It is golf, after all. Then, right at the end of the day, I saw this: Sandblasted.White socks with black shoes. While I immediately went into fashion police mode, it was refreshing. You really don't get to see a sandblasted man jort everyday. All in all, victory. Check PGA event off the old bucket list. (I just added it to the list yesterday, still counts as a checkmark, right?)


  1. I think I'm going to add this to my bucket list after your success. Booze and ducks, count me in!!

  2. I can't believe you took a picture of my jorts and didn't even bother to say "hi."


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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