May 13, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Welcome to Friday, I've had a long week, so sorry for the lack of Poodleisms. Never fear, I will not be sans newsflash today.... 1. They're canceling Law & Order. Noooooo! After 20 seasons, no new episodes will be made. It tied Gunsmoke for the longest running television show of all time. When I read this story I was immediately sad, but come to think of it, I've probably never watched a new episode on NBC. I think every single episode I've watched has been on TNT or USA. I hope it will live on forever on cable. It probably will. Clearly, this is in my head: 2. Elena Kagan. Where to start? President Obama has chosen her as his nominee to replace Justice Stevens later this summer. I'm sitting here trying to research her for this post and can find a bizarre lack of information about her political/philosophical tendencies. We know she's a democrat, but a more moderate one, who would likely be far more centrist than the man she's replacing. And, she's never been a judge, just a law teacher. That's about it. Then of course there's the whole "is she gay?" thing. I don't care either way, but lots of people think they deserve to know, as same-sex marriage is likely to come up during her career on the bench. On the radio I heard that two of her favorite hobbies are softball and poker. Hahahahha. I'm all for another woman, the 4th in history, to be on the bench, but does she really have to keep that haircut? She is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, skateboarding on a question mark. Stay tuned. 3. Quote of the week:
"I have a knife collection. My favorite's my switchblade. ... It relaxes me to flick it." Taylor Momsen
She's such an idiot. She's quickly slipping into the Kristen Stewart "Look at me, I'm serious and edgy...I PROMISE" club. Knives? Really? I've read that she's going to be off Gossip Girl next season so she can focus on her "music." I hate when people bite, nay stab, the hand that feeds them. Good Riddance. 4. More in the Twilight Realm: In 2009 lots of people named their babies "Cullen." It rose in popularity 297 freaking spots from 2008! I can only assume that Twilight is to blame. Another blog friend brought my attention to the fact that in 2009 Jacob and Isabella topped the boy and girl popularity lists for 2009! Edward came in at spot #137, rising only 9 spots from 2008. Boo. As a side note..."Casey" is ranked all the way down at #528 and has seriously declined in popularity in recent years. Good, there are enough of us anyway. 5. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still raging on. And, it could be up to 5 times larger than they initially thought. I heard someone on CNN say that it's like "a new Exxon Valdez spill every day that this continues." Holy Guacamole! And, all week they talked about this mysterious video of the leaking valve that BP refused to release. Like there would be some new revolution when we saw a live-action shot of a pipe busting? Here's the mystery video...prepare to be underwhelmed: The thing doesn't really look that hard to close up, right? Anyway, they're thinking of new tactics like shoving tires in there to clog the pipe, putting a giant straw in there to pump it out to a tanker on the surface of the water and placing a metal 'top hat' on the thing to contain it. This is getting a little silly, but very sad. 6. Bethenny had her baby! Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of NYC and husband Jason Hoppy welcomed a daughter, Bryn, to the world on Saturday! The sweet baby was born nearly a month be fore her due date, but mom and baby are happy and healthy. Bethenny is 40 years old, I'm glad the baby was born without complication. I doubt the show will be around this long... so in my imagination I'm flash forwarding to when baby Bryn is a sullen, awkward teenager forced to be on reality television with powerhouse socialite for a mother. That's a routine that never gets old to me. See: Ramona's daughter Avery and Jill's daughter Aly. Both of those poor things must have neck problems from all the eye rolling this season. Either way, Congrats Bethenny! I'm a nasty person, but I hope she struggles with baby weight, it's only fair. Happy weekend! I have no plans, but 'll be keeping as busy as I can this weekend. If you're a friend reading this, call me.

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