May 10, 2010

Fashion hell has broken loose.

Here are a couple of things that I've seen lately. I snapped the pics by sleuthing. One day I'm going to get caught sneaking photos of ridiculous people and I'll be in real trouble. But until then, I'll start with the most offensive. A. I encountered a man in a public place dressed like this. My dad not so gracefully tried to sneak him into our picture.... (note the man on the ground also) Then he just gave up and took a straight-up shot of this freakshow: Yes, we were at an arts festival when this display occurred, but he was in NO way acting like a character or had any sort of artistic role at the festival. And the clothes are so normal. He just felt like painting himself red that day. He was just casually strolling the booths with the rest of us. WTF? B. Nextly, there was this man.He is doing sidewalk chalk art. Fine. He's also wearing some kind of asian-inspired rice field shade hat. And there is leather decoration on two places of the same arm. And a wallet chain. He also has a tuft of hair emerging from his crack and eventually peeking through the gap between his shirt and pants. Hmm. I'm mostly just perplexed. C. Newsboy cap. I can't think of a time when a man should ever wear one of these. This person also is at a Bone Thugz-n-Harmony concert waving his arms all ghetto-like. Wonder if he knows how weird he looks? I stood behind this idiot, who is VERY tall I might add, the whole time. Why didn't his friends intervene... "Dude, lets talk about what you're working with here." D. And then there was Pat. He works with me and this shirt-stache combo plate is a joke. But mind you, it wouldn't be a joke if there wasn't someone out there that looks like this to make fun of. Pat is normally a cheery fellow, but he has never lifted my spirits more than when he showed up with this extremely bushy soup-strainer on his face. For no particular reason, he just felt like doing this today. Oh and he rarely wears anything but black. I hope I wake up on an equally zany side of the bed tomorow. UPDATE: At this very moment, in my office, there is a copy machine repairwoman with a mullet. I don't think she's joking. I wonder why she feels the need for business in the front? Judge me if you want. I'm a superficial brat. But come on, red body paint? Butthole hair peekaboo? Newsboy cap - that's just because I'm bitchy.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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