May 19, 2010

Fantasy Boyfriend Club

Fantasy boyfriend mancandy hottness to the max. That's what I'm thinking about today...

I've made a couple of references to my fantasy boyfriends club. This club used to go by a different, decidedly more X-rated name. A few of my BFFs from college know it.... There are an elite few swoon-tastic chunks of masculine tastiness that get to be in:

These never go out of style:
George Clooney. Now. Forever. ALWAYS. Its like the only thing he could do to melt my heart more is cuddle a puppy. Damn you and your hypnotics.

Prince William. Mostly because everyone wants to be a real-life princess. Especially me. (Sidenote: this was the founding member of HCPIA club...Remember Lori?)

Ryan Gosling. Big ole slice of American dreaminess right there.

These are fabulous just 'cause:

James Franco.
Luscious. People think he may be gay. Me no care. Me loves him.

Ryan Reynolds. I remember when I first fell in love with him....this scene from the Skeleton Key. Now he has that dumb T&A wagon Scarlet Johanssen for a wife.

Jake Gyllenhaal. Glad he's off that Reese Witherspoon uglyface (jk), more Jake for me.

These three are ones whose character I love. Not smart enough to separate that from real life.

Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick
. Chuck Bass: exquisite because he wears suits, Ed Westwick: strange accent and wears too much jewelry.

Tim Riggins/Taylor Kitsch. Riggins: sex machine, Taylor Kitsch: Canadian....this one feels like my own little secret.

Edward. Duh.

If you made it this far....thanks. Sometimes I need to get my mind off the real S going on in mylife by frolicking in hunk dreamland.


  1. Small correction.. That was Ryan in The Amityville Horror. I only know this because that's when I fell in love with him too - even as a psycho killer. (it's all in the abs).


    Oh, and I totally agree on the Chuck Bass/Suit reference. I love me some suit. :)

  2. Seriously, this list is perfect. I think you picked all the right men!! My favorites, Chuck Bass and Tim Riggins!! Can't get enough of those characters

  3. hahahah "fantasy boyfriend club." Oh, its good to be in the know :)

  4. You should check out Matt Bomer on the show White Collar. He can wear a suit, girl!

  5. I love me some Tim Riggins!! Also, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds... enough said.

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