May 26, 2010

Choco Thirst wins again

I am on a diet. And it totally sucks. I've never really embarked on an actual "can eat this, but not that" regimented plan, but desperate times call for desperate measures. A super nice friend designed the plan for me and I've been doing pretty well. And have brought my A-game to the workout routine lately. I'm not seeing crazy results, but I think I'm getting somewhere. I'm generally pleased. The weekends are tough. Real tough. But tougher than the weekends is my crazy, rabid-animal-like cravings for candy treats. I love sweets of all sorts. Cupcakes, cookies, just plain ole candy - all of it. At my office they keep Hershey's nuggets. The urge to munch on them is a daily battle. A friend sent me this:My brain doesn't work in venn diagram, but I appreciate the content knowledge, organization and patience this took to prepare. Its this kind of dedication that I need to channel to keep my mind off the choco thirst. Lately the chocolates have defeated me a little bit. I decided to let myself have a special dark nugget on rare occasions. I've always loved dark chocolate, but I'm less likely to scarf it, thus reducing the portion in a typical sitting. The semi-sweetness is more conducive to savoring rather than swallowing them like advils on a Sunday morning. It WAS the perfect solution. But now...I'm immune to the semi-sweetness and feel myself headed back to scarf town. RATS! The chocolates win again. I'm going to go back to cold turkey. Why isnt' there a patch for this? It seems stupid that they can prevent pregnancy with a sticker, why can't they reduce the choco thirst?

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