Apr 14, 2010

Space news galore

It was sort of a big week in the space. Not actually in space (that I know of), but in space news. As I've previously mentioned, I LOVE SPACE. It blows my mind. Things related to space and any extraterrestrial activity really make me geek out. I just can't help myself. The vastness of space just makes my brain do backflips (partly in joy, partly out of bewilderment). I don't even know were to begin crafting these headlines into artful prose.... 1. President Obama re-committed federal dollars and attention to NASA and space exploration more generally. The $6 billion program includes renovations to Kennedy space center, expansion of space exploration in the private sector and eventually traveling to mars! His goal is to lay the foundation that gets us to Mars in his lifetime! I thought I liked him before, but a space enthusiast? Loves that guy. Can't wait for more space news in the wake of this boost. 2. A new theory has emerged that all black holes (and there are lots that we know of) lead to other universes. This means that every black hole could be a wormhole leading to a whole new alternate reality. The matter that is absorbed by black holes turns into the building blocks for new stars, planets and galaxies. OH MY GOSH. Precisely this type of vastness is the liquor that gets my intellectual curiosity hammered drunk. This is just one of the tons of supermassive black holes out there: 3. In Wisconsin Wednesday a giant fireball entered our atmosphere and was caught on tape: The crazy thing is that giant thing was an asteroid, only 1 meter in diameter. Scientists predict that it "released energy equivalent to the detonation of approximately 20 tons of TNT." Had I seen this I probably would have had an aneurysm. I'm on the verge of it now just watching the footage. WHOA. Going to Mars. Billions of unknown universes. Giant Fireballs. Has the future actually arrived? I'm feeling excited, but tentative about the onslaught of space news. I like it, but am apprehensive about wrapping my brain around whatever lies ahead.

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