Apr 26, 2010

Rap concerts are bizarre

Have any of you ever been to a rap concert? If you're answer is yes, then you'll know what I'm talking about... This weekend Manfriend and I sojourned to our favorite old stomping grounds, Austin,TX, to attend a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony concert. If you can't recall, they're responsible for this little gem (among a multitude of others): It was a super fun time. We got to hang around with some of our best buddies and had pretty good seats: Rap concerts are so strange. Maybe it's just the non-gansta in me, but it's like no other musical experience I've had. First of all, very little of the performance was actually live. I think they lip synced through their greatest hits. No big deal, I'd rather enjoy their various tracks in their pure studio-produced form. Then, there were a lot of time-wasting things. They did a MJ tribute, and a Biggie tribute, AND a Tupac tribute. By "tribute" I mean they played snipets of their songs and yelled some rap over it. Not particularly artfully done, but hilarious. Then, there was a variety of "rep yo city" crowd participation things. To top it off, they brought 50 women from the audience up on stage to out-sluttydance each other (that could have been an audition for the after party). Manfriend was not amused by me trying to get up there. Of course, sprinkled throughout were several Hennessy and weed breaks. Then, all of a sudden, it was just over. There was no climactic big finish. I think they just decided they weren't sober enough to go on. See they eyes of "Layzie Bone" to see what I mean: I left there with a burning question: why can they just blatantly smoke drugs on the stage for all to see? I get the crowd members that try to sneak the reefer on the down low, but just right up there for our viewing enjoyment? They really took part in the herb. I don't get that. Isn't it still a crime? Anyway, despite all the negativity that might've just come through in my voice, it was a super fun time. The posse I was with was primo, the beers were cheap and there was a full-on rap circus on stage. Talk about a recipe for amazing. Here's us girls doing our most gangsta faces. Yes that's me in the waspy florals showing my grill. Its a new week, hope you enjoy it thoroughly!


  1. Did you really rep floral prints and a Louis Vuitton clutch to a rap concert? Also, the fact that I wrote the previous sentence proves that I read WAY too much Poodleism. Regardless, play on playa.

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