Apr 22, 2010

Planet Earth is totally rad, lets keep it that way.

Hey guys, its Earth Day, did you know that? I think Earth Day is a cool thing and this year I haven't seen much hype about it. Boo. But, it's also the first time I haven't spent it in Austin,TX. Earth Day was founded in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (Gaylord...hehehe). That's him below. I wonder why he's in that middle school sports portrait pose? Anyway, it's the 40th anniversary this year! Thanks Gaylord! I wonder if he had any clue how hip "going green" would be in more recent years. I bet he knew that we had no way to go but down when it comes to burning up our atmosphere and maxing out all the landfills. On the topic of greeniness, I found this story, which reports that people all over the world are using special stationary bicycles to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation. Pedaling the bike creates electricity that can be used to run devices. At a homeless shelter in Detroit they have the hobos pedaling their little hearts out to generate power for the building. While this is an innovative idea to me, it seems a little odd to force possibly the least threatening of energy consumers to do the hard work. They don't even own lights. And, do they need the workout? Don't have not have food? The bikes don't produce enough electricity to be anything more than a teaching/publicity opportunity, but the homeless, really? Anyway, I encourage all of you to participate in Earth Day in your own little way by doing a green thing. Wherever you shake down on the whole true/false of climate change, there's no harm in giving ole mother Earth a pat on the back today. Try to take a speedy shower. Or turn off electrical devices you don't actually need. My normal green routine includes using non-throwaway lunchbox, coffee thermos, water bottle and grocery bags. There's a lot of Earth friendliness happening at my desk today, but of course the totally unnecessary desk lamp illuminating this photo is rarely not turned on. Nuts. I could work on a few things, like shower length (tough...that's when I get most of my best thinking done), using re-usable Tupperware versus Ziploc baggies and recycling more at home. They also say hat unplugging electrical things when you aren't using them goes a long way too. Stuff like chargers, coffee pot, switched off flatiron/hairdryer/curlers, etc. I could stand to be better at that too. Anyway, Happy Earth Day! Be nice to our planet today (and hopefully everyday). You can't live without her!


  1. i am loving the large amount of posts this week. Helps the days go by... all of a sudden, the weekend is upon us! :)

  2. Dude! I do some damn good thinking in the shower. It's my sanctuary.


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