Apr 1, 2010

Dreams of Easter bunnies swirling in my head...

It's Eastertime folks, and I can't be more excited! Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it often coincides with my birthday. As soon as Peeps and Easter baskets start showing up in stores I get all giddy thinking of birthday marvels to come. Aside from the birthday thing, I just love Easter. Soundtrack for this post:

Easter is fabulous for so so many reasons...

1. Cuteness. Easter-season animals are so freaking cute I can't stand it. Chicks - adorable. Bunnies - want to squeeze 'em. Lambs - an odd thing, but still precious. There is a portrait of me somewhere beaming through my bangs (thanks, '90s parents) and holding a tiny bunny. I've long maintained that there are many baby animals that I despise as grownups. Chickens, Rabits and Sheep are in this category. But for this season, they're babies and they're cuddle-licious.

2. I also love the color palette. My favorite thing is everyone in their pastel Easter bests. I remember getting to buy a pretty Easter dress as a tiny tot. There is one photo in particular where I can recall my dad wearing a pink shirt on Easter. Giggles. I get it now, the colors are too fabulous to not indulge in. My future children will be dressed something like this on Easter sunday as long as I can make them:

3. Lets not forget the sweet treats. I don't know where along the way that the resurrection of Christ got associated with copious amounts of candy and sugar. I don't care, I love it all - Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, Eggs full of Reese's goodness, JELLYBEANS. I remember a time in my life when I reveled in finding a plastic Easter egg full of candy more than coins. Barely remember that. Click HERE to see some amazing Peeps art.

4. Dying Easter eggs. One of my favorite holiday memories....every year we laid out newspaper on the kitchen table and got to work on a few dozen eggs together. A hard-boiled solid white egg is a blank canvas, and the sky was the limit in my little mind. My father is a veritable egg-dying virtuoso. He's extremely patient and precise and always could make his stripes perfectly straight. My mom - queen of shrinky dinks. I'm a little sad we won't be partaking this year. Someday there will be some grandbabies that will be amazed at their artistry all over again.

5. Brunch. Glorious brunch is hands-down my favorite meal and Easter just means its guaranteed. I love eating at brunch time and I love the Breakfast-Lunch gumbo of delights. There is just no beating it and Easter usually means that there is a good one in my future. This pic I found is totally miscellaneous, but just made my tummy do gymnastics in excitement.

Anyway, this year we're celebrating in Dallas. My parents will be coming to visit me and the little nugget in DFW this weekend, so we won't be partaking in our normal routine, but it's nice to shake things up sometimes. I cannot flipping wait for them to get here and the greatness to commence. Happy Easter everyone!

PS: I just realized I referenced my unborn children twice in this post. Manfriend - try not to freak out. I really can't help myself, the holidays make me girl out, but I've told you all that before.


  1. Save some of those Peeps for gourmet s'mores later this spring when the days are warm but the nights still cool enough for a fire pit.

    1 package stale Peeps (any color, but the yellow chicks are my fav)
    1 fancy chocolate bar (Hershey's is OK if that's all you got)
    cinnamon graham crackers
    1 bottle chablis, chilled

    Build a fire and invite friends over to drink wine. Toast the stale Peeps until the sugar begins to caramelize (don't burn them!). Squish them between two cinnamon graham crackers and a slab of chocolate. Mmmmmmm!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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