Apr 12, 2010

Glorious Weekend!

Well, this weekend was one of the more fantabulous weekends in the history of all weekends.

It all started Friday night. Manfriend took me on a romantical date for Italian food at a delicious little place called Angelo's Italian Grill. We had been craving Italian and this gem hit the spot. It is in the delightful Lakewood area, one of those areas that reminds me that the douchebaggery of Uptown Dallas doesn't exist everywhere in Dallas.

Saturday was my birthday party extravaganza. We went to my favorite eatery in the Big D, Blue Mesa. It's sort of Mexican, but more like Central American than Tex Mex. See tasty meat snacks at right. Delicious. 16 people showed up to eat and celebrate with me! 16! I was blown away that so many people came. Thanks very much friends, it meant so much to me that you all were there! No photographs emerged from dinner because I was too busy shoveling sweet potato chips and tequila into my face. Typical.

After the dining finished, we headed to one of my favorite watering holes, Corner Bar, for some chatting. I soon got my normal itch to cut a rug, so we headed across the street to Cretia's. Typically the crowd at Cretia's makes me noxious. Unbeknownst to me, there is a boom boom room. In said room, there is dancing galore. When we got there, a few of my old buddies - Ke$ha, Gaga and Beyonce - were waiting there to dance with us. Per our usual, I danced and Manfriend tried to rein in my craziness (side note: I woke up Sunday with sore abs from dancing and therefore a minute sense of accomplishment):

Then last night, me and my main squeeze went to see one of our favorite bands, Vampire Weekend, play at the House of Blues. The great thing about the venue is that it is about 75 yards from my apartment, so we could just pop over there and get right in. We were both a little bit sceptical about how VW would perform live, as they have a definite autotune-ish feel to them. We were not disappointed. We shook our groove thang like it was nobody's business. Our seats were super good:
All in all, I had a magnificent birthday celebration. A billion thanks to everyone who was present for the Saturday night dancing and will still be seen with me in public. That manfriend, he sure knows how to throw a girl a birthday.

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  1. Aw, my roommate went to VW too. I was hoping to see him in the background of one of your pictures. No such luck. :-)


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