Apr 22, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Happy Friday! Hope you're all ready to seriously get yo weekend on. 1. A UK Zoo has obtained 3 Mangalitza "sheep-pigs." This rare breed is a curly-coated pig used to be a mainstay in the UK but disappeared sometime in the 1970's. Evolutionarily, they became coated to stay warm and protect from sunburn. I'm totally fascinated. Today our dialogue in the office has been this: "Question: Could you shave them to create a sweater then slaughter them for bacon?" My answer is yes. I don't see why you couldn't wear and eat this little piggy. That kind of reminds me of learning about how the Indians used to use every single part of the buffalo for something. Maybe this is our modern-day buffalo? I really just want these animals not to have to die at all. They're way cuter than normal pigs. 2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting married for the third time! They've announced that their two-year anniversary is coming up and they'll be renewing their vows again. Easy lovebirds, you don't necessarily have to keep trying to prove that this marriage isn't a sham. (Or maybe you do?). Half of me is sickened by this, the other half is reassured that love is out there for everyone. If this pair can make it work, anybody can. Nick will be buying her another diamond ring and "It’ll be something different. Something good." 3. Sam Bradford, a dumb Soooner, (aka University of Oklahoma player) was the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft. The Longhorn in me is conditioned to despise all things OU. He probably should be the top choice, but I'm no less irritated. Oklahoma had 4 players picked in the first round, and 3 of them were in the top 4! BOOOOOOOOO. Either way, one Texas boy, Earl Thomas went to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round. The Big 12 Conference was well represented, with 9 total players going int he first round. Great job, us! I'm still waiting for my precious Colt McCoy to get picked. Hopefully in the 2nd... 4. Early tests are proving that a Nicotine vaccine could someday work to prevent people from smoking! The drug, called NicVAX has shown early promise in ridding smokers of their addition. Nicotine is related to nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. each year, so this is a huge revelation! On a related note, the CDC is urging states to coordinate their anti-smoking bans. I'm not sure that outlawing is exactly the right approach, but I'm a fan. I hate when I come home from a night of debaucherizing reeking of ashtray. Dry cleaning bill and hairwashing are the result for me. Boo. I hope this NicVAX thing works out, everybody wins! 5. Quote of the week:
“It felt really weird kissing someone else as Bella. I was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It was a really strange experience — as it should have been." Kristen Stewart on kissing Taylor Lautner, a.k.a. werewolf Jacob, in Twilight: Eclipse
Ugh. She's such a serious actress that when she's in character as a cheater she has the real life guilt of a cheater. Bite me. Why didn't she just say "I grabbed as many handfuls of those abs and arms as I could, and it was AWESOME," like she undoubtedly was actually thinking. No, she wants to be taken serious y'all. 6. Katy Perry wore the most awesome shoes of all time. THEY LIGHT UP! It was a red-carpet event, the annual American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers awards, so she took it upon herself to go for the extra sparkliness of actual illumination. I love them. They remind me of those L.A. Gear Lights Shoes from elementary school. She's so cool. Have a super duper weekend! I'll be in Austin gettin' my party on with some of my best friends. If you were wondering if I have tickets to see Bone Thugz-n-Harmony live in concert, the answer is YES.


  1. hey casey.... see you at the crossroads.

    and yes, that is about the fifth time to use that reference when talking about this, but hey, it doesn't seem to get old!

  2. i went to wilchester when i first moved to houston and i swear every boy wore those light up shoes!

  3. I think you forgot to mention that TCU'S Jerry Hughes was a first draft pick for the Colt's. I will let it slip since it must have been an honest mistake.

  4. I just got caught up on Poodleism posts and I really like the new look!

    P.S. Am I too old to wear LA Gears? I really miss mine.


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