Apr 15, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Happy Friday everyone! Today has been weird and very un-friday. Nevertheless, this blog train ain't running of the track this time. Hope you all have great weekends, but before the fun commences, enjoy these very important headlines: 1. KFC has debuted the Double Down, which is a sandwich...of sorts. Instead of bread, you have two chicken breasts (Original Recipe or grilled) with bacon and cheese pressed between. Their web site boasts that the Original Recipe version is 540 calories and 32 grams of fat. Disgusting, but honestly was expecting much, much worse. I sort of want to try it. Is that wrong? I wasn't here for the glory, but one of my work buddies sampled the goodness. His report that it was "pretty tasty, but kind of disturbing. Disturbingly tasty." 2. Volcanoes have taken over most of Europe. Doesn't that sound fake? Well, it isn't. For the second day, airspace over the majority of the EU is in total lockdown because of a cloud of volcanic ash. The volcano erupted in Iceland, but the cloud has caused a total aeronautical clusterF in many places. Officials are saying this has been more disruptive to air travel than 9/11. In addition to low visibility, this ash in the air gets into plane engines and cause them to explode. There are also glass shards flying around. RIDICULOUS. Just when the Earth is boring me because space is so awesome, it goes and pulls one of these. (Watch this to for an explanation of this nuts situation.) 3. Quote of the Week:
"Like, I have a belief that if I wear my placenta in a necklace, there’s a possibility of me gaining second sight — like being psychic. ... For instance, I went yesterday to a past-life regressionist, and he told me that in my past life I was assassinated. I’m pretty sure that I was JFK in my past life." Ke$ha to Interview
So where should we start on this one? The placenta necklace? The past-life regressionist? Or that whole JFK thing? I'm going to presume this comment wasn't serious, as there is no way that I can interpret it as a serious thing. Knowing Ke$ha though, she probably was high on all sorts of things when she had this thought and firmly believed it at the time. That's why she is a pop star and I'm not. 4. Dixie Carter passed away from cancer complications at the age of 70. She is most famous, and my only knowledge of her, for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on the gemstone that is Designing Women. Julia owns an interior design firm run out of her home in Georgia. She is business with her is her spicy beauty queen sister (Delta Burke when she was skinny) and her two best buddies. The show is hilarious, and a shining testament to fireball southern women. One part glamour, one part feminism. Perfect. This show reminds me of my mother, she used to always watch(see the eighties-ness at right)...then I later caught it on TV Land (Wonder if my kids will be watching Gossip Girl there?). Anyway, bless Carter's debutante little heart. Here's a great clip of her in all her glory: 5. A British artist, Walter Raes, claims that he could make anything wearable. (Click here for a gallery of some other pieces in the collection) To prove his point, he's made a halter top out of tampons. TAMPONS! While I support an ambitious artistic endeavor as this, they are, and always will be, tampons. I giggled with my colleagues that I may need this little diddy, I am extremely prone to spilling on myself and I'd imagine it's quite absorbent. 6. The trailer for Sex and the City 2 has come out! My initial reaction to this trailer is somewhat mixed. I will most definitely be going to see this. I feel like it's my duty as a woman and I was a faithful viewer back in the day. But, the road trip to Abu Dhabi leads me to believe they're running out of material in NYC. WHAT?!?!?! Also, they mysteriously run into Aiden in an Arabian outdoor marketplace? I have some questions. Either way. I can't wait! I'm already thinking of wrangling all the ladies together and make a night of it! Have a fab 48 hours off of whatever it is you do the other parts of the week!


  1. Don't wear that tampon halter on a rainy day. just sayin'.

  2. But if you do, PLEASE take and post pictures.


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