Apr 2, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Happy Good Friday everyone! If you're working today I hope its a good day, and if you're not I'm jealous.- 1. Ricky Martin is gay...duh. BREAKING NEWS, THIS JUST IN! I respect what a major life event it is for anyone to publicly come out, but come on Ricky, do you think we're all so shocked? I'm proud of him for finally waving the "this is who I really am" flag. I feel a little bit sad for him that one of the reasons he waited to come out was that he was advised that that being openly gay would cause "everything [he's] built to collapse." That's just ludicrious to me. His biggest fans are girls and gays. I hope he can now live la vida loca-er. Sidenote, his twin babies are freaking cute.

2.Newark, NJ had its first homocide-free calendar month in more than 40 years. WHOA! Just this week, for the first time since 1966, 32 days passed between homocides in the city. I hope they keep up all the good work on the streets up there. I'm told by people who live around there this is a big deal. Hip Hip Hooray for the men/women in blue gettin' er done!

3. Sarah Palin and LL Cool J are in a fight. Fox News has given Palin a show called Real American Stories, where she showcases and discusses Americans doing inspirational stories. For her first episode this week she lifted an old LL Cool J segment and added it to her program without his permission. He responded with a "oh no she di-int" tweet voicing (kind of) his disapproval. Fox News then cut his segment with a sassy remark about his "fledgling acting career." (On a related note, Toby Keith also came forward and said his segment on the show was taken out of context.) Looks like she's really getting her broadcasting career of to a good start. I hope this LL Cool J thing turns in to an all-out Lohan/Ronson-style Tweet fight. Or a rap battle. These two people really shouldn't have anything to do with each other, but since they do, I'm glad its a girl fight.

4. Quote of the Week:

"I'm under the influence of medical marijuana ... I've never performed without it." —Snoop Dogg to Larry King.
Really Snoop? You smoke weed? You smoke weed all the time? What a revelati
on. Must have been a slow news week for Larry. Wonder what they chatted about backstage....

5. Lindsay Lohan is having the best week of her life, but it actually may be sort of a normal week in Lohan Land. She seriously has been in the middle of such a shame circus that I can't ignore it. First, some miscellaneous casting director slammed her by claiming that she sucked more than Franken-Heidi Montag. Zing. Then, she exited a club slinging LOTS of white powder all over the place. Like falling off her of shoes, clothes, nostrils (see left).... Then, she was spotted cowering in the back of someone's car in the fetal position, supposedly about her recent Tweet fight with her father. Then TMZ reported that she's so broke she can't even pay her rent. In the middle of it all, she's had plenty of time to recap it all via Twitter. I want to be done with her, but when she goes and flings mystery powder all over the place she just won't let me.

6. We might be on the economic upswing...might. We created more new jobs in March 2010 than in any other month in the last three years. Yeah! We aren't out of the woods yet, but this is a good sign! Unemployment is still stupidly high, but maybe it isn't getting an worse. I'm thrilled to read this. Hopefully this means the economic apocalypse talk will slow down a little. I'm ready for good things to happen.

Happiest Easter wishes to everyone! I hope the bunny brings you all the treats you're dreaming of this year!


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