Apr 20, 2010

Do you ever just wake up pouty?

Sometimes (today) as soon as I wake up I'm in gloom central. Don't really know why. Deep at my core I'm a glass-half-empty person (which I'm aggressively working on, actually) and I think there are days when my real self can't help but surface. Today I'm grumpy about several things going slightly awry in my life. I need to just put on my big girl panties and take care of business, but whining about it on the internet is just so much easier. The Tuesday gloom is three fold: The Prince is facing another damn ailment and I'm nearing my wits end. This time around, he seems to have sustained some sort of injury to the bottom of his paw and it is infected (or at least that's my own internet-research diagnosis). He is not in pain and surgery isn't imminent (but we've said that before) this time, but tomorrow I have to take off work, get him to the vet and pay for whatever exam/procedure/medication it takes to heal the paw in question. He's happy as he can be, but can't stop licking it and the thing looks pretty gruesome, so this must be addressed. I have no choice but to patiently and mercifully treat his little situation with all the mommy-like energy it requires, but I'm about out of juice for this whole business. 2010 has already been a banner year for the Prince. I'm over it. I love the little man so much and he is the most stable/permanent/dependable fixture in my life, so I'll be veterinary-ing tomorrow. Until then...pout. I'm hitting a wall on my weigh loss endeavor. I'm so flipping frustrated with this whole can of worms too. I'm working on the diet (even the weeknight wine and afternoon chocolate fixes have been drastically reduced) and working out like a crazy lady. I've been gym-ing it as much as I can, to the tune of 4-5 times a week. This body ain't what it used to be and can't just bounce back from my bad choices. UGH. As the spring clothes are coming out I'm reminded more and more what a gluttonous idiot I acted like in the winter. I had an abysmal mid-month weigh in. I'm going to treat it like a fluke and try to press on. Double pout. (Update: a mega-nice friend has referred me to her boyfriend who is also a workout and nutrition expert. He's designed me a plan...and it's tough.) I can't seem to get my finances in order. I'm working hard to be a conservative spender and really be responsible, but it seems like things keep coming up. This probably compounds all my other problems. More cash = less stress about Prince's medical issues. More cash = personal trainer. I'm really doing my best to keep my shopping and activities in check, but I just can't get ahead. Boo hiss. The real world really beats me down sometimes. Triple pout. The perplexing thing about it all is I'm not sure how to heal myself. At other times when I'm afflicted with the pouts I engage in some retail therapy and eat sweet things. No can do this time around. I'm trying to find another way to lick my wounds and can't find a great solution that doesn't include spending or eating. This could be a personal growth opportunity and I could come out a stronger person...... but for today I have the pouts. But, I am thankful for a lot of good things....like all of you blog friends!Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. I'm usually a few days (or sometimes weeks) behind in reading your blogs. Glad I am because I needed this one today. I'm very pouty today. No real reason. Just pouty. Felt like a 4-year-old and wanted to just hide under my desk or in a kitchen cabinet (think A Christmas Story).

    Yay pouties!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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