Apr 27, 2010

Charlee Bears...mmmm mmmm good.

This weekend I ate a dog treat. Judge me, I dare you. I want to tell this story from the beginning....Since I got the Prince, he's been totally uninterested in dog treats, or food in general. He has a prissy little palate and really has never been motivated by edible things. This has proven to be extremely frustrating in his training. If you can't incentivize the little guy, how do you make him do anything? Many times, even people food (bacon, chicken, steak) doesn't even excite him. I'd toss him a little table scrap and he'd bat it around, not even nibbling it a bit. If I tried to make him do anything with piece of food, you could almost hear his little brain thinking...."I'd much rather not go into that crate than have that snack. Try again, sucker." ARRRRG. Months ago the vet gave me a sample of these treats called Charlee Bears. The only ingredients are: Wheat Flour, Liver (poultry liver preserved naturally with vitamin E), Salt (1 tablespoon per 100 pounds) and Garlic Powder. They're also hideous looking. I never dreamed they'd work, so I threw them in the box of poodle supplies and forgot all about them. Recently I've gotten the urge to work on his discipline and tricks, but had to find a treat to make him do stuff for. So, expecting failure, I pulled out the Charlee Bears and.... the Prince goes absolutely STUPID for them. I can make him juggle, do gymnastics, solve long division problems and perform a tap dance to get one. It's so WEIRD how he'd prefer these little oyster cracker-ish things to steak. I guess that's why the vet went to vet school...to know more than me. In addition to being highly effective, they're only 3 calories each, so he can eat 3489395839851 in one day and still remain handsome and trim. JACKPOT. I went out and bought a value-sized bag. Clearly, I've been dying to know why these work so well. So, this weekend, I posed this question to some of my best pals. In a moment of compromised clarity, one guy from the group, Bill, agreed to eat 4 of them for a dollar. Bill is one of the Prince's best friends and probably would have eaten them for free. Here's Bill and the transaction going down. His face wasn't even disgusted! He said they tasted just like Goldfish! Goldfish! That was it this whole time??!?! I, of course, did not believe this and ate one for myself. They are indeed, EXACTLY LIKE GOLDFISH, except crunchier and a little less cheesy. I cannot believe it! This totally baffles me, but nevertheless, the Prince is becoming a veritable one-man stage show with the help of Charlee Bears. And, if worse comes to worse, I know I could munch on them in a crisis. Win-Win!

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