Apr 5, 2010

Birthday/Easter = Wonderful

Happy Monday cyberspace! I'm starting this week high from sweet treats, Easter basket delights and a LOT of really delicious meals consumed this weekend. I'm having a pretty intense calorie hangover today.

The birthday weekend was faboosh. My parents came to visit the nugget and I and it was great. Saturday we explored and shopped around Dallas, had a tasty dinner and watched a movie (An Education - kind of girly, but great flick) as a family. My mom, obviously, came armed with some amazing birthday sugar cookies from my favoritie spot, Paulie's Bakery, in Houston. Cuteness:

The next day, I was a little bit sad not to be doing our normal Easter Sunday thing, but it was really nice to get to enjoy the holiday at my own home. The Easter bunny brought copious treats and sweets for all to enjoy. The Easter bunny sure knows what I like: NEW MOON dvd (obvi the best item), a 1980's movie called Flamingo Kid (one of the few not already in my voluminous '80's cinema collection), miniature diet cokes, a tiny flower pot that grows fresh basil (As a burgeioning culinary master, I'm pumped.), healthy Kashi bars, Starbucks gift card and some little chocolate eggs. That Easter bunny, what a tricky one.

Saturday morning we went to a delicious Easter/Birthday brunch at one of my favorite spots in the Big D, Breadwinners. I left there in a Florentine omlette coma. We then went home and had birthday presents and cupcakes/candles/Happy Birthday song. My mom, again provided all the specialness and tastiness. Thanks mom!

Even the prince got a treat, a tasty Sprinkles pupcake. He was confused at first, but ate it fervently, and licked the carpet where he'd consumed it for 20 minutes afterward. He has apparently watched me inhale a cupcake before and assumed that's just how you eat them. Yes, he is wearing a special easter egg collar that he got in his Easter basket.

I got all kinds of fabulous presents. Manfriend gave me tickets to go see Vampire Weekend next Sunday (hip hip hooray!), my parents gave me a Southwest Airlines gift card to take myself on a trip this summer with and nugget gave me a super cute little necklace....not to mention the sweet cards and surprises from a few friends!

Once my family left for their respective homes, Manfriend and I headed out to his parents' house for a big Easter dinner. Barf. At this point my tummy is still jam-packed with omlette and cupcake. His mother, per her usual, had prepared an amazing Easter dinner and surprised me with more birthday cake and candles. Double barf (from the fullness, not the tastes). Nonetheless, delish.

This week, in lieu of my Shamu-ness, I will be fiendishly exercising and dieting to prepare for more celebrations with my friends! Lord knows there will be cameras and this little lady will not be the birthday whale at the head of the table. Double chin and saddlebags aren't invited to the party.

All in all, it was a great birthday and holiday for me. I love the feeling on your birthday when your phone is blowing up with well wishes. It's nice to know how many people are glad I was born. I'm so lucky to have such sweeties for family and friends. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Hooray for birthdays! I'm pretending those delish looking cookies at the top are for me :)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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