Mar 31, 2010

March Resolutions...lets hit the reset button.

At the beginning of the month I decided to make a few resolutions to keep me on track for a few self-help initiatives I'm working on for 2010. Sadly, I've mostly failed (this fat down-trodden leprechaun is sort of how I feel writing this out right now), soI'm ready to wrap those up: here's what happened:

1. Lose 5 lbs. I'm pretty sure this didn't happen. I never did a weigh-in, so I can't be certain, but with wedding extravaganza and crazy ladies weekend, I'm going to assume it is a fail. By the time I remembered to weigh myself over at my friends house (I don't have my own scale) it was like March 10. I'm going to copy/paste that one for April.

2. Be more positive. I'm not sure about this one. I've definitely made a concerted effort to be sunshinier, but I can't decide. I think I achieved this goal, but there are definitely some touchy topics that put me on the express train to negative town. This is sort of a long-term project.

3. Give up chocolate candies at work for lent. So far I've done it! I haven't munched a single nugget since I began the endeavor. Easter is on Sunday, so the end is in sight, but it gets harder every day.

4. Call friends in faraway cities. I've done only fair on this. I've tried to reach out to some of my long lost buddies and succeeded somewhat. No excuses here, will do better still.

5. Write 20 Poodleism Posts. HOORAY, you're reading #21 people!

Since I'll consider most of those not a success, I'm going to commence with my April commitments. Its springtime, the time for re-birth, growth, new beginnings. I intend to get high on the sensation of accomplishment this spring. Gettin' 'er done will be my drug of choice. Here's how:

1. Lose 5 lbs. Weigh-In is happening tonight. It's serious time. I'm nervous about this endeavor, as I will be introducing chocolate nuggets back into my life on Monday. If you're reading this and you see my in my everyday life, remind me about the weight loss thing. This seems to be a trouble spot.

2. Clean out my apartment. I have a dresser, closet and several cabinets that are chocked full of random clothing and items that are cluttering my life. I need to really roll up the sleeves and do some spring cleaning. This little mami needs to run a leaner homestead...and there may be a move in my future. I'm hoping to find a way to sell some of my unwanted crap, but If I don't want it nobody does. It's time for a purge.

3. Read a book. This hearkens back to my original New Years resolutions. Lately I've been feeling like the interwebs are rotting my brain. I like reading, but it's just a matter of opting to snuggle into bed and do that versus bond with my DVR library.

4. Work on the Prince's discipline. The little man doesn't do anything overtly bad like use the indoors as a toilet or destroy things, but he can be quite unruly. He needs to brush up on sit, stay, come, etc., but I'd like to teach him some new things and get started training him to be off of a leash. I finally found some treats the little brat will eat so maybe we can get started today!

5. Try a few new recipes. Not just browse for some grilled chicken variation I haven't attempted, but really get in there and learn some stuff. I always marvel at how my mom and grandmothers know how to make everything off the top of her head and I want to be that person. Guess I'm just going to have to do it.

The March resolutions were a little tougher than these. I hate to lower the bar, but I think this awesom-er new me is going to take some work. Baby steps. Also, my new goals are more blog friendly....

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  1. Your pasta salad counts as a recipe-- I have taken it on as my own and already made it twice!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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