Mar 25, 2010

Key of Awesome

Bumbling around on the internet today I discovered a high-larious comedy group called the Key of Awesome. They make funny parody videos for YouTube about some of pop cultures finest ridiculous things. I tend to have a short fuse for parody comedy, it annoys me and is rarely done well. I think its difficult to craft an eloquent, yet knee-slappingly comedic critique of mainstream culture...there are so few of us in the world that can do it. (JK...sort of) Below find a little video library of my faves:

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." A pretty good articulation of most of our "WTF?" reactions to Gaga.

Justin Bieber. I'm embarassed to say that this video reminded me that the little Biebster is nowhere near legal. I forget that alot. He's just so damn cute.

Twilight. I typically do not endorse making fun of Edward and Twilight whatsoever. This is really more about how ludicrous our sexy fascination with vampires is. I won't be changing my stance about their sexiness anytime soon.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" Video. Refer to previous post. This says it better than I.

Ke$ha's Tik Tok. In this video the fictitious Ke$ha pukes glitter. So jealous.

Anyway, there are tons more giggle-tastic little tidbits on their YouTube channel. Browse around on a slow day, I highly recommend it.

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