Mar 24, 2010

It's a big f-ing deal. Just ask Joe Biden

The health care reform bill is driving me nuts. It is absolutely everywhere. You want to know why? Because, according to Joe Biden, this is "a big f-ing deal." See the evidence:

Joe Biden is the king of word vomit and I love it. WTF was he thinking saying the F word on tv like that? Honestly it kind of refreshed me to hear someone speaking in everyday talk about the health care bill. Really reminded me of the ole George W. Bush days ("Thank you, your Holiness. Awesome speech." -- George W. Bush to Pope Benedict). If anything, dubbya knew how to keep it real.

At the risk of getting too FOX News on all of you and going on a tirade... I'm sick of all the hate on the health care thing. For heavens sakes, the whole point of the thing is to make sick people feel better and poor people get the medicine they need. I despise all the "Obama may as well have lit the Constitution on fire" trashtalk. There are good ideas behind this thing. And lets face it, there are times when the federal government actually gets things right! Ha! What a ridiculous notion! A friend sent me this, which I think is a good testament to federal programs gone right:

(If it appears too tiny, click here to read)

Without the federal government we would have a crappier atmosphere (Thanks, EPA), planes with broken parts and shoe bombers on them (Thanks, FAA), poisonous improperly pasteurized dairy products (Thanks, FDA) and Janet Jackson nipple slips everyday (Thanks, FCC). Oh, and they also make sure that people don't come over here and blow us all up (Thanks, entire military).

Can I get some freaking patience? Can't we just see how this thing just shakes out before we accuse Barack Obama of wiping his butt with the entire concept of democracy?

That is all. Feel free to comment. But don't get too crazy. This blog is supposed to be about sparkly things.


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