Mar 9, 2010

Gossip Girl has not gone the way of the clog

Gossip Girl is back. Oh Gossip Girl is back. After a wintertime hiatus this wonderful little item is back in my Monday night schedule (I'm already blocking out the Bachelor nonsense). It's springtime in Dallas (today I'm bearing my legs for the first time in 2010) and also in my brain. The Gossip Girl has fertilized my thoughts into a fragrant and blossoming garden of enjoyment this Tuesday.

Just to give a little bit of a preface...I have a hard time picking a favorite television show, but Gossip Girl could be it. I love that the characters are scheming, rich and beautiful. That's how all of my favorite people are. All of the little starlets are mired in off-camera romance and scandal as well, a whole additional dimension of fodder for my insatiable appetite for scandal. That aside, the scripted plots of Gossip Girl offer plenty for me to enjoy and examine. The clothes are fabulous, the sexual relationships are amazingly close to incestuous and Chuck Bass is major ManCandy and one of the best characters in the history of television -- a recipe for greatness.

Last night we are welcomed back to the Upper East Side just as the last snow piles are melting away. Things are warming up in the city, but heating up with our characters. Here's my thoughts on where we pick up with each character.

Serena and Nate. Somehow they're in love now. Nate punched his own cousin in the face defending her honor on the last episode. That turned into sexting and then some actual sex. I don't get it, but I can't get enough. I wonder when she's going to decide he's too gayface for her. I know I have.

Blair and Chuck. She is still desperately trying to get into a secret society. If she isn't in by now, I think it may be time to hang it up. Selfishly, I enjoy the parade of elitism that is involved with her trying to nudge her way in. (sidenote: she had all fugly outfits this week. boo.) Chuck suspects the mysterious woman at his father's grave could be his mother (who was presumed dead his whole life). This is a major revelation. Not ready to comment.

An example of why this show is so fabulous: last night Nate walked in on Blair dressed as a Russian Siberia Tundra Temptress. Furry hat and boots with her negligee. She was acting out an Anna Karenina fantasy for Chuck. Pure genius

Little Jenny Humphrey. She's dealing hard drugs with the Belgian ambassador's son. WTF? Don't even know where to start on this one, but she's oddly good at it. I bet Rufus has pushed some dope in his day to pay for those prep schools, maybe that's where she learned it. Still weird though.

Dan Humphrey. Hopeless romantic. "In love" with Vanessa. Totally bores me.

Rufus and Lily. There is trouble in paradise. She had a secret tryst with her ex in some European hotel room and supposedly they only Frenched. He decided to go to Telluride to protest. Sounds like an awful and excrutiating time for him. I want this storyline to go away and for Lily to just go on with her normal "oh you're Brooklyn trash" subtext.

I won't even start with the ludicrousness that is all of the characters coincidentally converging on an official state dinner, which served as the main scene for the episode. Somehow on Gossip Girl the whole cast is invited to some stupidly exclusive event and their dramas play out there. A black tie event or a dorm room are pretty much the only two sets. I'm a fan of this because I believe both of those are the best frameworks in which to live your life.

Gosh almighty I can't wait for more this season. I love Gossip Girl so much. It feels like all my old buddies are back. As a sidenote, in two weeks I'm having an actual real-life reunion with my old buddies of the real world. They're the best people to discuss many things with - especially Gossip Girl, and I CANNOT WAIT.


PS: If you're a Gossip Girl fan, here is a hilarious recap that is a must read every Tuesday. It's my dreamjob to write the thing.


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