Mar 22, 2010

Crazy Lady Weekend ReCap

I'm back to the blogosphere today hungover from a long weekend of delicious brunches and 3 nights of Austin, TX -style debauchery with my best pals.

Generally it was a rip-roarin' good time had by all. The weather was weird and we didn't have a badge or wristband to be officially at the festival, so I didn't end up seeing that many bands actually, but the one that I did discover was Jukebox the Ghost. I liked them a lot. I dig almost any group with a keyboard. I snapped this photo of the group at Clive Bar, a joint that I thoroughly enjoyed. Patio + Music + great weather = fun time. They're jammin':

Another funny highlight of the weekend was riding in a super touristy horse-drawn carriage. Sometimes I'll do anything not to walk, and it being the romantical wedding edition carriage made it hilarious on top of the convenience. Jackpot. Friday evening we partook in a bizarre group called Hexadecagon. The show was set up in a large tent. The band played in the center of the room and the speakers were around the exterior and the fans stood around the band on all sides. It was quite the unique acoustic design. Also, they showed a mixed media presentation on the ceiling. Video, graphics, cartoons, photos...crazy montage. Pretty much a mecca for any high person. It was definitely interesting, but I don't think any of us were on the mind-altering drugs needed to really appreciate it. Another tricky element was the weather. On Saturday morning we were surprised with the joy that is an outdoor music festival on a day that didn't get above 50. I wimped out for a lot of the day, but ended up having a fantabulous evening, bundled in my sweatshirt. One big perk of cold weather is comfy shoes. I wore my chucks all night and danced like a fiend. It was a super weekend. I loved catching up with everyone in our old stompin' grounds. Also I met two awesome new friends. I fully intend to add them to my "cool people I know and like" list. Here's one of them jamming out with a saxophonist Mummy. Beat that, I dare you.

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