Mar 10, 2010

Afternoon Lethargy - worth it.

Today me and my colleagues ventured to a delicious new eatery (new to our area, not new to the world) called SmashBurger. It was fantabulous. I highly recommend it to anyone.

I love cheeseburgers, but am a bit of a snob about which ones I will indulge in. If I'm going to feast on such a greasy and caloric treat, it better be a good one. This snobbery pretty much eliminates all fast food burgers with the exception of Whatabuger, and even that is a bit of a push.

So the place is called "SmashBurger" because they take the ball of ground beef and smash it onto the grill with some sort of heavy thing. This technique allows each patty to take on a unique jagged-edge shape and ensures that the meat is flat enough to comfortably fit inside the bun and be edible without silverware. As we discussed over lunch, nobody likes a meat patty that is too "ball-y". Balliness is often associated with home-grilled burgers that are delicious, but are too spherical and really don't correlate with the bun very well. These burgers today were nice and flat.

Additionally, SmashBurger offers a plethora of side items. This was probably my favorite element of the experience. Two french fry varieties, sweet potato fries (the best thing I sampled), haystack fried onions, fried pickles, veggie fries (fried asparagus, carrots, green beans) and more! I like french fries, but I don't really go nuts for them, so I appreciate a buffet of side orders. The sweet potato fries were not to soft, not too crispy and doused in some sort of oil and rosemary seasoning. Amen!

My other favorite thing is that you have the option to choose between a classic egg bun, spicy chipotle or multi-grain bun. I picked multi-grain to be "healthy." Hah. Ridiculous endeavor, but no less tasty.

My final verdict is that the place is extremly good value for the quality. The food was out of this world and my lunch (cheeseburger and fried pickles, no drink) cost only $7.56. The boys I dined with thought this on the higher end of their allowable lunch price spectrum, but could not deny the tastiness. We have already begun concocting menu variations to ask for next time to customize our experience. We will definitely be back there.

After a little research on the interwebs, another cool thing I learned is that all the restaurants have local menus. There are many favorites found everywhere, but regions/citys feature slight variations. I thought just everyone knew what a "LoneStar" burger (chili on the sandwich) was.

Anway, it was great. Try it. But don't expect to do anything but blog afterward.

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