Feb 26, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Another chapter of weekly quick hits that I think are noteworthy or high-larious!

1. The United States beat Canada in hockey! Hip Hip Hooray! This was a major event in my little world because manfriend is a major hockey fan. I tuned in with him and even found myself hooked on the game. It wasn't a total nail-biter, but there were some awesome moments! I'm so proud to beat those crazy Canucks at their own game! I don't really get Canada in general, but I've been told this was a big deal. It reminded me a lot of The Mighty Ducks. I hope Joshua Jackson was watching at home and teared up a bit.

2. Vajazzling. This little item baffles me. It's bejeweling your crotchal area with crystals. I can't think of why you'd need to be-dazzle your hoo-hah, but I'm intrigued. Apparently you get it done post wax and they stay on around 5 days. WTF?

3. An infamous and amazing mystery has been solved...and I'll agree with my buddies at Vulture that this was "THE WORST REVEAL EVER." Carly Simon's famous and enigmatic song "You're so Vain" (listen below) is about David Geffen. He's owns a famous record label, is a theater/movie producer, philanthropist and gay man.

This is a let down because rumors previously swirled that the song could've been about Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty or James Taylor. Those are all far sexier to me. Big let down. Wish I didn't know. She should've never told. Headline should have read..."Washed up singer reveals massive disappointment thereby letting her only remaining relevance slip away." Might be a bit long, but that sums things up in my book.

4. Michael Kors has a weird bellybutton. I've seriously never seen one like that. It's the ultimate outtie. For a fashion diva like him I'm shocked he hasn't gotten some sort of work done on that thing. Mad props to him for just owning it. Tim Gunn would probably tell him to "go up to the work room and clean up his space" for that strange thing.

5. Tiger Woods has been featured in a giggle-icious PETA ad. The ad (below) is part of a campaign designed to encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and thus avoid unwanted baby animals ending up in euthenizing shelters. His legal people have since demanded that it not be used, and rightfully so, but in the meantime it's around the interwebs for even more people to enjoy than would've seen the proposed billboard.

6. Favorite quote of the week:

"This is going to come as quite a shock to people up here that I can write a book, much less read one."Former president George W. Bush, who is writing a book, at a reunion of Bush-administration staffers
I wonder if he is finally not taking himself seriously or that his handlers/babysitters have given up and just don't care what ridiculousness falls out of his mouth anymore. Bet it's a little bit of both. Like his attitude. I still maintain that if I had to pick any U.S. president to do a beer bong with it would definitely be him.


  1. Dear Tiger,

    Have you sued Peta yet? They are a pain in the ass.. Go Tiger! The Master's is coming up and I hope you will be back and ready to dominate.


  2. Seeing Michael Kors' belly button just rocked my world. HAHAHAHAHA.


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