Feb 16, 2010

Fashion week is a fantasyland

Fashion is somewhat of a newly acquired interest of mine. I've always had the desire to be sharply dressed, but following fashion news/happenings is something I've only gotten into lately. This could be partly because I've come into some free time at work and have had the availability to take on several new reading commitments, and fashion blogs are one of them.

Soundtrack for this post:

It's Fashion Week in NYC. Having spent the last couple of days scouring the pictures from all of the shows, I'm going to add Fashion Week to the sizeable list of things that make me want to move to New York. Other items include some of my good pals, real wintertime, delicious snacks, the media center of the universe, celebrity sightings, concerts....but I digress. I do not profess to be any kind of expert, but here are a few of my favorites from the first couple of days:

Marc Jacobs. I always gawk at his items when I stroll into Neiman Marcus (I'm usually just a pass-thru shopper, for me it's like Disneyland in there but I can't ride any of the rides. Damn you misc. communications degree that's keeping me poor.) My favorite thing about his collection was all the fall-ish things: coats, hats, scarves....I think cold weather is on the brain for me as the beautiful snow in the metroplex is burning away just outside the window. I like the shiny one too. Just for the sake of shiny things. Diane Von Furstenburg. Queen of all prints. I usually don't care for printed things, but the queen can make a cocktail dress. ove her. I'd wear this little neon one into the ground. The shiny one caught my eye because it cold actually look good on a human woman's body. Much love for a dress that is fantastic for the skinny minnies and the muffin tops. Zac Posen. Love the fall colors. I usually can't wear the gold/brown/camel-colored fall fabulousness. My already allover-my-body-tan-ish hue makes me look like an actual camel. There have seriously been pictures of me where all you see are green eyes and pink lips. Must avoid outfits like this but wish I didn't have to. Pout. Peter Som. My favorite thing about this collection is the unique and creative little color pops. I like the way seemingly clashing textures and colors are a symphony of fierceness. That is a mantra I may start living by. When times get tough: "I am a miscellaneous symphony of fierceness." Carmen Marc Valvo. Don't know why, just love this one. He's new to me. I plan to research his other works to add to my dream clothes wish list.

Betsey Johnson. In her typical "WTF" style, Ms. Johnson delivered what I've found to be the most bizarre showing. Duh. We have birds on the head, we have Suffragette-era influences, we have man slaves (in their PJ's) holding a unitard-dice cape. And the whole runway is a bed of straw. Can't get enough. I wish I were an artist. Or I'd even settle for just wacky.

Swirling in my brain are dreams of sparkly dresses and beautiful gowns (and tiny hips that I wish I had). I think it's interesting that not a single pants outfit caught my attention. I hate pants, I always have. They make me hot.

I worry that my newfound appreciation for fashion news could turn into a newfound appreciation for actual fashion I own. This is what I said about Poodles...loved them at first, then acquired one, now I have one pricey little BFF (who presently is the love of my life).


  1. Love the post but hate the fact that Peter Som merely ripped off Fat Albert - http://technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/dumb_donald.jpg.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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