Feb 18, 2010

Actual Real Poodle News!

It's relatively rare that I have actual poodle-related news. It wouldn't be right if I ignored this.... Earlier this week at the famed Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a precious toy poodle won the toy group! Hip Hip Hooray! Here's the lucky winner, named Smash JP Moon Walk (SJPMW, for short): Although SJPMW has the detestable poodle cut that I avoid like the plague with the prince, I have to support any victory for the poodle community. We are a small group, but a faithful one. The only thing about this dog that even remotely resembles the prince is his regal demeanor and that "I ain't takin' no shit from nobody" look in his eye. So proud. The winner of the whole dog show was a Scottie named Sadie. I think Scotties have been reproduced into to stupid Christmasy printed fabrics so much that I forget it's a real animal. Boo Scotties. Poodles are far too high-class to be made into dumb pajama pants, baby outfits and the like. Anyway, on another dog note...a friend referred me to another snipit of hilarity called Hipster Puppies. Each day a pup is dressed up according to some annoying hipster culture cliche with a clever and giggle-icious caption. Hipsters (and more so poser hipsters) are one of my favorite groups to ridicule. Don't get me started on this topic, most of them are full of shiz and and their damn "I ride a bike and eat organic and wear thick glasses and wear scarves in the summertime" attitude...but I digress. Anyway, go to the site, you'll bust a gut, here's a great sample: "butters is going to stand directly in front of you and snap pictures for an hour straight because the perfect shot of dave longstreth isn’t going to take itself"

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  1. Have I told you about the time a standard poodle bit me on the ass? Let's just say you should never turn your back on a nursing bitch with pups nearby.

    Like the new blog header!


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