Jan 13, 2010

Heart Haiti.

Today the prince and I are sending all of our best vibes to all of the people affected by the terrible earthquake in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands are feared to be dead and even Anderson Cooper found the situation "incredibly shocking" and "eerie." Click here for a list of organizations that could use your help putting back together the pieces down there. Mad props to everyone already working on the relief. I'm counting my blessings watching the story unfold.

So in the midst of one of the most terrible natural disasters in recent memory, People magazine will be running this cover:

The braniac and talented Hills star also said this today:

"They spent years on albums, 'cause they wanted the quality to be so good, and that's really what I did [with my album]." - Heidi Montag, on Michael Jackson and the Beatles
I really have no words. Speidi makes me want to vom. Maybe we should feed her the Haitians who will undoubtedly need all kinds of food and supplies in the coming weeks. I don't have much to give but sympathy and well wishes, and I'll be sending plenty of those.

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Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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