Jan 12, 2010

"Text you up in my love"

I think I'm over Madonna. I've always been a fan of her, but enough is enough. Madge has seriously been brought to my attention four separate times this week in four different headlines on various news/blog/gossip sites I frequent - and it's only Tuesday. She is 51 years old and making headlines...all the freaking time. On the one hand I'm proud of her for sustaining her stardom in these times of fleeting fads and speedy pop star rises and falls. But really honestly, I think I'm just sick of looking at her, and her arms. Here's the Madge news of the week:

1. Madonna was spotted having dinner last week with her first husband, Sean Penn. GASP! Could there be a re-kindling love flame? Does her latin boy toy Jesus Luz know she's popping around Manhattan her her sexy salt-and-pepper exes? Rumor is she and Sean dined for a few hours, what could they possibly be discussing? God forbid they be long-time friends just catching up.

2. Madonna is advising her good ole-buddy Gweneth Paltrow to divorce her husband. (Gweneth is another ego-maniac that really gets on my nerves. Exhibit A: GOOP) Supposedly, Madonna is supporting their divorce because her and Chris Martin have never gotten along because he doesn't worship her. That must feel really wierd for her, he's definitely not a keeper.

3. This week on CNN they they're airing a segments on celebrities doing good in the world. This morning, as I'm primping for my Tuesday, obviously they're focusing on Madonna. She's making a new girls school in Malawi. I absolutely do not hate on her humanitarian works. I think all celebrities should be active in charities, or at least send a check. But with Madonna, the whole thing strikes me as a somewhat self-righteous, but I'm biased against her. In the interview she says, and a truer word has never been spoken,

“My biggest asset as a human being, I would say, my resiliency and my survival skills. I mean, I'm like a cockroach. (laughs) You can't get rid of me.”

4. Again today, she's the face of another blog I love. In this instance she apparently won't stop texting (but I'm going to assume we're really dealing with "sexting") A-Rod. Really? This stupid thing isn't over yet?

While she does have some very redeeming qualities, i.e. the Malawi crusade, I think I'm ready for her to disappear for awhile. Doesn't she have a few kids and a teenage boyfriend to take care of? I'm sure also there is a gym somewhere with some free weights she hasn't gotten her hands on. I'm sure news of her menopause will hit the airwaves soon. Hopefully there will be a whole day on GOOP devoted to it. Can't wait.

PS: I'm still a weakling for all things famous. One of my BFFs lives on Madge's block in NYC. When I visited last summer I took every opportunity to spy/investigate/voyeurize. Guess I'm not that "over it."

PPS: It's just occured to me that the attention I've just paid to Madonna only perpetuates her recurrance in the media. BALLS.

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  1. I couldn't be more over Madonna. Yea, it was cool at first when she decided to move to my street - but Material Girl has been doing construction on the place for what seems like forever and now has workers starting drilling at 8:00 a.m. every day... including Saturday. I have a feeling things will only be worse when she and the fam move into their abode.

    Sayanara, once-peaceful 81st street.


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