Jan 20, 2010

The Prince's medical saga continues...

Sorry for the lack of Poodleisms fans, these last few days have been a real trainwreck for me and the Prince. Little Chubacca is my most beloved companion in the world and I love him. As I've referenced and many of you know, the Prince has been facing some medical problems as of late and I'll just catch everyone up in one foul swoop....

Around 3 weeks ago, the poor little guy started a routine where he'd wake up in the middle of the night and barf. At first it was like every 15 minutes all night long. This proved annoying, but not that abnormal for a puppy. They eat weird things and throw up all the time. After a few nights of this recurring I decide to visit the vet. She couldn't find anything wrong with him, and assumed he had gotten into some sort of bacteria and was experiencing some sort of GI infection. Specialty food and medicine was prescribed. $$. The problem seems to come and go, with multiple days without incident throughout. Fast forward another week or so and the problem still persists. He's having the same ongoing vomiting and she still has no idea why. She sends me home with more medicine and more food. $$$.

So now we are to this past weekend. The problem is still going on, but this wave was considerably more severe and sent me into real panic mode. The vet, who at this point I'm really losing my patience for, tells me to come in Monday for x-rays. After she took one inconclusive x-ray ($) she decided she needed a better look and proceeded to order another set ($) and then yet another ($). All the while explaining to me how the next batch would be the ticket. Eventually she comes to the conclusion that there is some foreign object in his tum and he needs surgery asap to remove it. ($$$$$$$$$$) She immediately refers me to a surgery center and the procedure is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

The surgeon agrees that something fishy is going on and they need to cut him open. Yesterday around lunchtime I receive the word that he's made it through surgery fine (Hallelujah!), but they didn't find this ellusive "foreign object." WTF? The surgeon did take a biopsy and will receive the results Friday. She assures me this will be the end of the road for diagnosing the problem but she expects to find that he either has a) Inflammable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or b) Gastroenteritis. Both of these are very simply treated with medicines and change of diet. While this actually is good news...I'm sent into a complete fury at the thought that a simple chemical imbalance has been to blame all along.

I cannot even begin to explain the anger, frustration, sensation of being taken advantage of, sheer panic at the Prince's delicate post-surgical state and bewilderment I'm feeling. The jury is still technically out, but I don't trust this vet person anymore. This whole incident further confirms my skepticism about veterinary medicine altogether. Its been a long haul. The Prince is in worse shape, I'm not any closer to answers and a lot of $$$s further from a summer vacay.

Manfriend has been a godsend. Bless his patient little heart. It's January 20 and the total emotional meltdown count is too high to keep track of. I think I'm going to pretend like February is New Years. Thanks for all your well wishes...hopefully positive updates to come!

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  1. I'm all for re-starting 2010 when you're good and ready. Thinking about the little guy!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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