Jan 28, 2010

They're all taking crazy pillls...

I admittedly didn't watch the State of the Union address. I chose to go for a run, make dinner with a friend and catch up on Grey's Anatomy. Usually, I'm a relatively civic-minded individual and prioritize this speech, but this year I just couldn't get excited for it. The girly evening was far superior....but I feel guilty for it. I've read the transcript today and watch a highlights reel, so I'll still consider myself current. Always the Obama supporter, I agreed with pretty much everything he said and thought he kept things lighter than past addresses. Win in my book.

Anyway, with politics on the brain, I'm reminded of a couple things lately that've caught my eye:

1. Chris Matthews, famous for foot in mouth syndrome, "forgot Obama was black for an hour" last night during the address. I don't know what else to address that with but a solid "WTF?"

3. Elizabeth Edwards finally left that d-bag husband of hers (Links to an extremely long, but fabulous article about the whole drama). John Edwards, albeit a total scumbag, has provided me with infinite entertainment as I've watched his rise and fall from grace. I feel bad for Elizabeth, his kids (especially the lovechild behind the whole scandal), but I'm a little sad that her dumping him may be the end of the saga. I love political scandal characters, especially when they're Republicans.

2. This guy. Scott Brown. New to the Senate. New to my radar for ridiculousness. New to my wildest dreams. I hope he's the new John Edwards.

4. Sarah and Bristol Palin appeared on Oprah. Not only did Bristol assert that she will become a born-again virgin (is that even real?), but that she now won't have sex until she's married. In addition that that total BS, that Oprah called her out on, Sarah kind of is joking about the whole thing. Awkward. I have a lot of questions. Why are these two still talking about this damn teen-mom thing, isn't that pretty common? Why does Bristol think anyone will marry her ever? Oprah, aren't you better than that? Who's watching both of their infants while they're on Oprah?

5. Cindy McCain switched sides on one of my favorite issues. She's joining the No H8te campaign to help the LBGT community get equal rights. She still looks like the crypt keeper, but I applaud this. I hope she just continues getting more and more liberal, eventually ending with her growing out all the hair on her body and wearing all hemp clothes. I bet John McCain already thinks she's there. Awkward dinner table I bet.

Anyway, I've been loving the political news these days. Sometimes I just get too much Franken-Heidi talk and have to remind myself that I'm intelligent with some current events, but upon further examination, all this political business isn't so different from Franken-Heidi talk and the like. I love famous people of all sorts who are on crazy pills.

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