Jan 29, 2010

Friday newsflash!

This week I want to keep things light:

1. Kate Moss got gray highlights. What the nuts was she thinking? Voluntary and premature gray highlights is pretty much a coup on everything I know about beauty. She only kept them for one day, thank goodness. If old is the new young, it would take a lot of re-wiring for me to abandon my fears of pear-shapedness, crows-feet and sunspots....but sort of liberating. I'm glad she went back to blonde already. The world feels right again.

2. Taylor Swift, one of my favorite cuties, is rumored to be dating John Mayer. I like both of their music, but a possible Mwift (thats my new celeb compound name for them) relationship confuses me. She's the best, but he is sort of odd and an extreme manwhore. I hope she knows to be careful with what could be a real nasty situation in his pants. Make good choices, Taylor, that's what my mom would say.

3. Jessica Simpson is flatulent. Apparently in a business meeting for one of her various endeavors (sidenote: I hearts J.Simp's shoes mucho), Jessica Simpson farted in front of important people and her mother scolded her. Awkward. This isn't the first time her windiness has come across my radar. Even more awkward. Aside from the actual incident, which was probably humiliating, although hilarious to me, everyone in the media is talking about her farts. I guess I don't feel that bad for her, you know you've made it when the news blows up everytime you pass gas.

4.Gisele and Tom Brady had their undoubtedly beautiful child. She had the baby at home in Boston in her bathtub...on purpose. Home births are a wierd notion to me. Suri Cruise is getting a little too old for me to find that adorable anymore, maybe this will be my new favorite celebuspawn.

5. This past weekend I went to Austin for one of my best best pal's brithdays. It was a rip roarin' good time. We partied like it was 1999 for sure. It turns out I'm still not mature enough to go to 6th Street and have anything to show for myself afterward. My debit card was so mad at me that it stayed at Beauty Bar and pouted (or I may have left it there), so I wrestled with having no way to use currency for 3 days. Probably deserved that. Still a victory of a trip though.

5. The prince is doing AWESOME! The little rascal seems to be back to himself more each day! He hates his poodle jammies, but the cuteness is just can't be ignored. He gets the staples out tomorrow!

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