Jan 5, 2010

Cowbell girl = cheap thrills

The last few days I've been drawing the short straw in life and can't really seem to get out of my funk. In 2010, I am trying to stay more positive, but the prince has fallen ill, which puts me really down in the dumps, not to mention short on cash. A pal sent me this video. Sometimes there isn't anything more soothing than the pathetic-ness of someone else. All that really helps is to see someone else feeling crappy.

I don't know if she's deep in thought or what, but she looks absolutely miserable. Isn't she supposed to be having like the best time of her life? Doesn't she know she's on TV? Isn't this Boise State's glorious comeback? The answer to all of these are yes, but she can't muster the tiniest smile. I find this a brilliant portrayal of the human condition at times. We all can be a little lacklustre and out of sync some times. Bless her little heart. Being the nasty hater that I am, this brought me immense giggles on a seriously non-preferred Tuesday. So sue me.

On another football-related note, I'm getting really pumped for the Longhorns' impending National Championship game. I keep my fingers on the pulse of Texas pride via Facebook status updates. I'm a modern lady on-the-go like that. Here's my favorite so far:

"The only Crimson Tide we fear comes every month"
I'm chuckling all over again just typing that. Anyway, HOOK EM HORNS!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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