Jan 7, 2010

COLD in Dallas, warm in my little Longhorn Heart

This morning I awoke to an absolutely FRIGID morning in the Metroplex, but no matter...it's essentially a HOLIDAY in Longhorn land! Yes kids, the day is finally here, the day of the BCS National Championship! Not only to I get to pull out my gameday gear for work, which has been neatly waiting for me since the Big 12 Championship, but tonight I get the added pleasure of behaving as if it were the weekend and cheering on the best team EVER. Lately I've been a little down on the NFL...(manfriend had me totally maxed out on it during the peak of his Fantasy season)...so thank heavens college football, and the best of it I might add, is back! So Longhorn football players, I'm talking to you: eat a good breakfast, get nice and limber, get your head in the game and start preparing yourself for VICTORY! The prince and I are wearing our colors and will be supporting you wholeheartedly. TEXAS FIGHT. That's all.

On to the other news of the day: Jack Frost has descended on Dallas with a vengeance. This morning whilst workin' on my lady lumps via elliptical the newspeople alternated only between traffic and weather for the whole duration of my workout. Being the journalistic-minded lady that I am, I typically find weather stories (especially when they're the only news of the day) supremely boring...but today I can't peel my eyes off. I was idly waiting for a work-from-home day due to icy roads, but no luck there. Boo. My favorite thing about the cold so far is that I have license to wear my Uggs outside the apartment. I've had them for years and this is one of the only times I can legitimately rock them. Otherwise I feel like a major tool-bag being seen in them in Texas. The prince hates the cold. He skidded on the ice this morning and whined until I carried him back to warm cucoon that is our abode. This was taken a week ago in Lubbock...he prefers to avoid getting snow on his paws at all costs. DIVA.

Evening forecast: Longhorn Victory. Heck yes!

Tonight's forecast: -4° windchill. WTF? I honestly don't even know what that means.

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