Dec 30, 2009

What happened to Seal's face?

One of the carpoolers alerted me to a very interesting/hilarious glimpse at the collective American consciousness. When you enter a search term in Google, it tries to guess what you'll be searching based on popular searches before you finish entering it. This is a nifty thing, but it says some giggle-tastic things about the questions we (yes we, you know you use Google to satisfy your most outlandish curiosities...) ask. The top fives that cracked my shiz up...

If you begin typing "why do....", you get these answers in this order:

  1. why do men have nipples (I am curious about this...)
  2. why do cats purr (much love to the pet lovers out there on these next few)
  3. why do dogs eat poop
  4. why do dogs eat grass
  5. why does my vag smell (ARE FLIPPING KIDDING ME?)

If you begin typing "what happ....", you get these ridiculous 'popular searches':

  1. what happens when you die (totally legitimate)
  2. what happened to seal's face (Huh?)
  3. what happens in vegas
  4. what happens when you lose your virginity (hello parents, do your job and have that talk)
  5. what happened on my birthday (ummm....?)

Another hilarious one is to begin typing "how come...". I don't want to go there, it gets a little X-rated, but no less priceless.

UPDATE: a pal found this fabulous website Called Autocomplete Me with even more great searches to browse.

Anyway, I love this meaningless sociological crap. My absolute favorite is that the number two question (ON THE WHOLE INTERNET) beginning with "what happen..." has to do with Seal's face. I'm not going to disagree that that is one ugly mug, but I can't believe that many people are so interested. I guess all the other washed up stars out there should consider some sort of similar facial alteration to stay relevant (I'm talking to you Tara Reid) instead of the occasional planned nipple slip.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little exercise on a slow day in the cubicle. Try it out yourself. You may be shocked and tickled at what you find.


  1. I typed "how come" and laughed at the results. Try "why cant i" and see what happens.

  2. i'm pretty sure seal has lupus.....mystery solved!

  3. Why Do Men Have Nipples is the title of a book actually.... With fun trivia type questions. Check it out

  4. Um, Seal's face hasn't *altered* since he became famous. It's been like that, and never really talked about in the media.


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