Oct 16, 2009


It's TX/OU weekend. Pretty much everyone reading this is aware of the all the fun, and undoubtedly ridiculousness that will occur. Although I'm thriled for the spirit, the partying, the coordinated game-day outfits....I'm approaching this Longhorn holiday with a bittersweet attitude. I miss all my homies who are afar this year. I can't help but be reminded of years past when I was surrounded by all my besties. Totes miss those days. Here's a pic from last year. I wish I could find a more throwback one (although, I don't know if I want to face how skinny I was on the first TX/OU weekend at age 18).

Another wind of change is sweeping through my conciousness this TX/OU weekend. I'm approaching the 3-day debauchery festival with a new spirit. I'm hoping not to spend 3-5 days hungover afterward. In the past, I've not budgeted my party engergies very well on this weekend. Now that I'm a big girl, I'm determined to effectively get through the weekend so that it includes copious fun and I can go into my next week with something to show for myself. How to achieve this....I'm still brainstorming.

One thing remains the same however. It's 4:52 and OU still sucks....hard. Hookem Horns!

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  1. You used to be skinnier?!? Have fun this weekend and I hope your end of the hall is bright and chipper Monday morning! Hahahahahaha!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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