Oct 29, 2009

Happy Happy Halloween!

This week has been a very busy one in my universe. I haven’t really had time to get in the appropriate holiday spirit. Few things tickle me like holidays. The decorations, the traditions, the fun…its all just too fabulous. So, starting right now, I’m in Halloween mode. Usually this begins around Oct. 1, but I’m just too busy and important in 2009.

Me and manfriend are trying to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for the Saturday night festivities. It’s been more difficult than I imagined to find the proper parts of the costume. Don’t want to release any spoilers…more on that later. It was only an accident to be characters from Alice in Wonderland two years in a row. Last time around we did Alice and the Mad Hatter. That one will be hard to top. We’ll see. I’ve been around to every Halloween shop in the area and this is what I’m thinking are my favorite things about Halloween:

1. Costumes made for infants and/or pets. They are all about the same. All are stinkin’ too cute for words. If I had a tot it would be wearing this.

2. CANDY. Can’t. get. enough. I also love feeling valid in eating total crap because it’s a “holiday.”

3. Jack-o-lanterns. I think they’re so cool. At what other time can you make a vegetable a spooky, yet classic, decoration for any space? See photo of cubicle. These are the things I wish didn’t exist at Halloween time:

1. Whore-bag costumes. Why must all costumes for women be super slutty and modeled by porn stars. Hate that.

2. CANDY. Worried about my Tweedle Dee sweatpants fitting. Thank heavens they’re sweatpants.

3. Decorations that are actually really scary. I recently set off a motion-sensored bloody corpse that jumped out of its coffin to scare me. I peed a little and had nightmares. It was awkward.

All in all, I heart Halloweentime.

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  1. i recognize those light up jack-o-lanterns. also wondering this.....why didn't wise crack jack make the list of things you LOVE (or hate) about halloween????


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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