Oct 12, 2009

Breakfast-induced euphoria

One of the most exciting, but sometimes disheartening, aspects of moving to a new city is discovering all the little awesome places that eventually become your go-tos. Since moving to Dallas, I’ve been on a quest for truly delicious breakfast tacos. They’re one of my favorite – or at least in my top 5—foods on Earth

Austin, Texas is a virtual goldmine of tasty breakfast taco options, which brought me endless satisfaction and lots of hangover remedies during my time there. Dallas does not offer the same cornucopia of choices. But this weekend, manfriend and I ventured to the other side of the highway, the ominous “eastside”, on a recommendation from a colleague for the best tacos in Dallas. We found them. Hallelujah!

The place was called Taco Joint. It is located in a decidedly rough area of town occupied by hipsters who are too hip for uptown and genuinely scary homeless crackheads. Already sounds like Austin. The line was out the door and the parking lot was chalked full of luxury cars of various sorts. There must be something inside worth the sojourn to the other side of the tracks.

After the 30 minute wait, our tacos arrived and boy were they worth the wait. Not only were they delicious, but manfriend contends they could be the best we’ve ever sampled. And we are researched enough on this topic to make such a confident assertion. Fresh scrmbled eggs, melted cheese, crispy bacon, fresh salsa….mmmmmm. If the line hadn’t been so long I definitely would have been up for ordering more just to make sure that I left in a taco-induced coma. Success.

The real point of this story is that, after a few months in a town that I’m becoming more and more convinced is not for me, I found a shining bastion of awesomeness. I have a renewed faith in the good of Dallas-ites and am feeling energized to continue searching for similar little treasures around the city.

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  1. the "made to order" breakfast tacos at Buckies are hard to beat


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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