Sep 10, 2009

Learning to speak nerd.

As I’ve mentioned before, at work I’m growing in my technological knowledge by leaps and bounds. I’ve been saddled with a big project (which frankly, I’m vastly under-qualified for) to re-design and re-write one of our client’s websites. It’s a big deal and I’m enjoying how to write code and speak nerd with my team-members on this project.

Now that I’m all tech-saavy…I derive immeasurable strife about of having Microsoft Office 2003 on my computer. I can’t do things I need to and it pisses me off bigtime. My friends refer to this antique version as “Ye Olde Office”. Funny joke, but I get re-flustered over this old P.O.S. a few times an hour. Another reminder why I’m a Mac user in my personal time.

This problem exists because my bosses won’t pay to upgrade the whole office and won’t choose who deserves it more than others. This irritates me to no end. A marathon of explitives is exploding in my mind.

That whole rant was to preface a funny clip I want to share (distracted, anyone?) I’m reminded of a hilarious little item from my go-to cultural tidbit source (thanks Stosch for all the fabulousness). I should just stand back and be proud of what we’ve accomplished in the computer world, not curse the day Bill Gates was born and contribute to my own visible signs of aging by letting it affect me so much. Too bad I’m not that big of a person. Enjoy one of my favorite items below:


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