Sep 3, 2009

Kinky? More like AWESOME.

Despite my love for all the debauchery involved, it is rare that I find myself in a true nightclub. I love the music, the dancing, the inability to have a conversation, the men in their queer-ish ‘clubbin’ clothes – all of it. The sucky part is that I could throw on my ‘clubbin’ clothes (requisite short dress and on-the-verge-of-prostitue high heels) and go every weekend, but the company I keep…manfriend…isn’t into it. Sigh.

Lucky for me, one of my all-time BFFs made her way to the metroplex to visit me and the prince. She’s one of my favorite partners for debaucherizing and the opportunity arose to go to a fine establishment here in Dallas called Kinky’s. I think it’s named that because it’s intended to be sexual fetish themed. Kind of awkward, but it’s also just the kind of shamelessly trashy thing that amounts to loads of fun for me. I’d been once before and couldn’t wait to go back (I still can’t wait to go yet again). We strapped on the whore shoes and headed to Kinky’s. We saw this:

It is a grown, full-size man crawling on the ground, wearing a saddle with a skanky cocktail waitress riding him like it’s her job. Wait, it is her job. Weird. This pic doesn't do the poor man justice. There are lots of strange things to be said about this, but the strangest part of all was that they were just meandering the crowd like they owned the place. For all I know, the did own the place. She didn’t speak to people, or acknowledge the sideways glances, she just continued riding around doing sexual things with her face. It was very dark, loud, and crowded. Whatever they’re paying this man, it’s not enough. Gotta find another nightclub, but can't imagine it will be better.

This was another miscellaneous item that was just too strange not to share (sidenote: I have a feeling that oddities of all sorts will find their way to Poodleism as I’m still experimenting with my “blogger voice”). All things considered, I had a super fun night/weekend and was so glad my pal came to visit me in my new Dallas home. To any of the rest of you out there: (Sarah, Andrea, Jenny, Robin, Booger…I’m talking to you.) come on down. I can’t promise a freakish encounter such as this, but dammit I’ll try. Here’s some snapshots of us enjoying the kinkiness:

Note: Smiley picture is posed. The clear amazement on Lori's face in the second one more truly reflects our expressions during our time at Kinky's

More: Manfriend is really grossed out. Get enough cocktails in him and Kinky's will happen. The man dancing in the other picture was in our entourage. Gotta give him some props, the kid can break-it down...but Lori might not be having it. Also very indicative of how the whole night went. Hehehhehe. I heart Kinky's.

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  1. The dude with the saddle - did he wet his pants?


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