Aug 13, 2009

“Recessionista”: dumb cultural term, but I just can’t help myself.

I’ll preface today’s ponderings with this: I can be insensitive. I truly am really sorry if the economic downturn has caused you pain, suffering and losses. I’ll be surprised if any of my current poodleism readers have been devastated by “the worst crisis since the great depression,” but if you have my heart goes out to you.

Today my go-to man for cultural tidbits (one of the few people who suggest I read things and I actually do it) sent me a little article from NYMag on how to properly tell jokes about the recession. I’m annoyed that we are to the point in the economic crisis that jokesters are having a legitimate discourse about the dos and don’ts. Comedians, who, in my opinion, are some of the most respectable creators of organic original thought are in on it too. Oh Come on.

I’m just so over it. I’ve gotten really used to not having any money, so 2009 feels pretty normal to me. Perhaps this is the root of my irritation with the never-ending stream of commentary on the economy these days, but I’m ready for some good news, or at least a new topic. I just wish rich people would just get used to the idea of living like the rest of us so we could talk about something else.

On the outside, I hate words like “Recessionista”, (or “Brangelina” or“Bromance”), but on the inside I’m really just jealous I didn’t make it up. I think I am a Recessionista, except that its all the time. Most of my near and dear know that you can be a fierce and fabulous female on a budget. When you’re in a carwreck and ruin your whole outfit with coffee stains it’s not that big of a deal. (“Whatever, the top was from Target anyway. Guess I can pick up another one.”) And it’s nice when, possibly in a moment of mental “cloudiness”, you lose/misplace your entire purse and can just bounce right back. There are other personality factors at work there, but being poor sure helps on your ability to learn how to “bounce.” There’s two bonuses right there!

My hope for the economic problem is that people would just get a little optimistic about the whole thing, or at least think about the more serious problems of the world. For heavens sake, Jessica Simpson is losing weight again! And a possible romance between R-Patz and K-Stew?!??! Call me small minded if you will, you think about that crap too (…validate me, please.).

Come on world! Look at the bright side! There haven’t been any hurricanes yet this year!

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  1. Your best line: Fierce and fabulous female on a budget. Much more eloquent than "recessionista."


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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