Aug 26, 2009

Captain Jack Sparrow Poodle?

I often feel strongly enough about exclusively poodle-related topics to blog about it, but figure I’d spare my few, but faithful, readers that torture. Something came across my radar today and I just can’t not share. Thanks to a BFF for throwing this little tidbit into my consciousness! Somewhere in the world there was a creative dog-grooming contest that yielded ridiculousness of the poodle form. Do not proceed reading without checking it out. There were poodles transformed into all kinds of other things, amd some were freakishly (and I admit, I really respect the creativity and mastery of their craft) awesome. I heart poodles so much, but not as much as these people. You’ve got to give a brother props for being such a bad-ass groomer so to transform a dog into what you could believe actually is a miniature buffalo.

The oddest part of this to me is that, although the little pups in this contest have been molded to look strangely similar to other things, they all are very clearly still poodles. There is no question in my mind (and I assume yours) that these are poodles. Very, very often people ask me, “what kind of dog is that”, or “that’s a cute dog, what is it”, or “I’ve never seen one of those..”. The prince is a poodle, I just choose not to groom him like an idiot. His coat is kept mildly shaggy with no particular shape. That’s it. He’s poodle au naturale. See some examples of the cuddly cuteness below:

Poor poodles. They get such a bad rap. I found this grooming contest interesting/entertaining/perplexing/engaging, but this is why nobody knows what the heck the prince is! Because he doesn’t look like a little idiot all the time! I’m mad at everyone who does humiliating things to poodles. The prince is mad too. We are pouting.


  1. so glad i could inspire this post. i honestly would rather see a poodle groomed like a Steeler's linebacker than the stupid show-dog style anyday. Hey... remember the time Chuy was a black Toy Poodle? weird.

  2. I have a mini-poodle, Cooper and I keep him the same way you do (read: not looking like an idiot). People also ask me all the time what he is. Usually I get maltese or bichon. Never poodle. In fact, people are usually surprised when I tell them he is a mini-poodle.
    My little guy has also changed colors. He used to be apricot when he was a puppy (especially in his cute little ears), and now he is more creamy white colored.
    Really enjoying the posts of a fellow mini poodle owner and lover! :)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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