Aug 18, 2009

Happy Smiley Weekend.

I know its Tuesday…but I’m still reeling from a highly productive, satisfying and relaxing weekend. One curious aspect is that, for whatever reason, I removed partying/drinking from my plans and accomplished a shocking amount of things. Note to self: lucid evenings turn into lucid mornings, which turn into days where I get things done. Strange.

Friday night my manfriend and I went on a romantical date. You know the kind where you’re going to a restaurant to chat as the evening’s event? Not the kind where you’re just slamming a meal in the space near each other, which happens with young professionals on the go such as we are. It was fabulous, It made me remember that he's so fabulous (Sorry, had to go there).

Saturday, after a rigorous workout and gourmet breakfast (which I made myself just for fun), we set out to find manfriend and his roommate (see throwback photo of the rooomies/BFFS at right) an apartment. The realtor/apartment pimp we were working with was a very large gentleman who was an avid smoker and freakishly sweaty. Every realtor-type person I’ve worked with has some weird thing going on, so this was to be expected. It was a scalding August day in Texas, but this man was like really pouring. He was a nice and helpful man, but lordy did he gross me out. We ended up finding the boys a nice brand new never-been lived in place that met his requirement of “not being too far away from stuff but not too uptown-y”. I cannot wait for him to move into his own place. The current living situation (at his parents’ house) is a bit stale. VICTORY!

Sunday: On another moving-related subject….The Henry’s rallied in Fort Worth this weekend to move the nugget into her very own little dorm room. Thats her building. Walking into the dorm with “Good Luck at College” treats in tow, I couldn’t help but be flooded with pure and total jealousy. I know I should be happy/excited for this turning point in her little life, but I was seething with resentment about having to work, pay my own bills, not party everyday (although I was still high with the revelation that maybe I need to get over that…complicated feeling), etc. Only the girls participating in sorority rush were moving in early with her and it was a hotspot of freshly touched up roots, giggles, monogrammed suitcases, mothers’ breakdowns and acrylic nails. It was amazing. I guess I’m on the cusp of my own fresh adventure in life with this new Dallas thing and all, but the air was literally thick with new beginnings. Lucky little nugget.

Great weekend. Everyone is moving but me and I’m actually happy to be the settled in for the time being. Weird.

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