Jul 29, 2009

Takin' it to the TOP!

I recommend everyone participate in a co-worker carpool. Everyday I have to make the journey from Dallas to Arlington, approximately a 25 min. drive, to where I work. I still can't figure out why the office is located here, but all is not lost. There are a multitude of reasons why I love the carpool. Yeah I'm going green, saving the earth, preserving the ozone for my grandchildren...blah, blah, blah. The real perk is the witty rapport, not to mention my availability to nap in the morning (It remains uncertain whether or not the other carpoolers appreciate drooling and head-bobbing.). We jam out to some sweet tunes, and at times discuss the formation of an acappella group. Fostering creativity and forming lasting social bonds, all while in the normally dead time spent driving. Hot damn. It may be the most productive thing I've done. Sometimes there is even a little discussion of our daily trials and tribulations. We give each other advice, tell jokes, and at times there is strategizing for how to ascetertain a favorable position in the ongoing office politics. Win. Win. Win. Here's a little something about each of the others...

James: The most senior at the company and by far the wisest member of the team. Dare I call him our leader? Don't let the serious exterior fool you, he will rock out so hard its scary sometimes. I'm talking some REALLY high notes.

DJ: Ever the jokester and freestyle jammin' enthusiast, he is the newest to the group, and probably the perkiest. He recently bought a car, but even if he were still dead weight he'd be in the club. He says all the funniest quips, and usually forgets them afterward...I'll start claiming them as my own if this continues.

Cathryn: She began work with me and another girl on the same day (Shout out to you Boomer Sooner, wish you were in the group!) We get along quite well, and she's shopping for a girlfriend for the prince. She's a good friend and compatriot. Enough said.

The lineup includes 2 girls and 2 boys. Its always the girls together in the front or together in the back. And vice versa. This seems to create seamless and comfortable conversation...so I'm curious what would happen should there be a mixup in the seating chart. I don't know if I want to find out. I don't like the formation of teams, but if it ain't broke I don't wanna fix it. The boys have an insatiable appetite for rocking out with their (you know what) out, so I think mixing up the seating would seriously detract from the quality of their arrangements. Thank the lord we don't have some douche bug in the mix. (Unless it's me....) That would ruin everyone's fun.

And don't even get me started on Dirty Friday. There are certain times when R-Rated, or even some X-Rated, tidbits/jokes/giggles find their way into our coversation. Those are reserved for Fridays, or "Dirty Friday", only. We have to maintain some level of decorum here. We are civilized and educated professionals after all. Examples include: various intimate acts, who we would pay $175 to do it to, or just good ole gossip. Its the best day of the week. The dirty talk always makes it into Monday-Thursday, but has to be followed by an obligatory "Hey. Save it for Friday." Can't wait for Friday!

I could go on about the merits , but I don't want to belabor the central point: Carpool is awesome. Do it. You could just only hope that you're trapped in the car with gems like I am.

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