Jul 23, 2009

Hello cyberspace!

After much ado, the flagship posting of Poodleism has set sail. I'd long considered the merits and drawbacks of blogging, and, as an effort to diversify my presently very limited creative outlets, I'm going to give it a whirl. To coin the term "Poodleism", I opened the floor for suggestions. Many of my near and dear sounded off on how to concisely incorporate my varied interests into a singularly badass title. Mission accomplished, and not in the George W. Bush way. Shout out to my homie in NYC who thought of the winning title. He's really hip because he works at MTV. Also in the interest of context, the title "Poodleism" refers to my best buddy, sidekick, roommate, compatirot, shoulder to to cry on, drinking buddy and dependent, Chubacca. He goes by Chuy for short. I'll refer to him as the prince. He is a one-part Mexican and one-part Wookie 12 lb mini-poodle whom I often plan my life around. I'll admit that I probably should focus on my own life, but i just can't help myself, he's just so damn cuddly. Here's him and I ringing in 2009. I don't often put people clothes on him because its creepy, but holidays don't count. Around the holidays, the girl in me just takes over and I can't satisfy my inner beast that craves for festiveness. You'll see.

This weekend I took a forray into car-shopping with my manfriend. His name is Austin and he's my significant other/partner in crime. I think I'll refer to him as manfriend because "boyfriend" just doesn't seem to suit someone who wears a tie to work everyday and can buy himself a new car, which he did on Saturday. (Sidenote...this car shopping ordeal ignited yet another "when did I get old enough to be doing this?" bout of confusion within me, another theme which could be recurring). He settled on a gently used 2005 Volvo. It smelled like old people in there, which he thought a testament to its good condition. I found it superior because it is the same vehicle driven by my dream man, Edward Cullen (manfriend doesn't like vampire talk). He traded his 190,000-mile 1993 Buick for it. Nicknamed "The Beast", this car has candy paint and a sports package. Despite these perks, the Beast was in pretty poor condition....if you can imagine...and was only worth $500.

Totally ridiculous: I have my eye on some Christian Louboutins more expensive than that. It feels a sad to be rid of the Beast, a constant in manfriend's life since he was a teen, but lets face it its a piece. Boyfriend is movin' on up to the eastside...I can't wait to take a spin in it...godwilling the Beast will make it all the way to Fort Worth to make the swap. Hopefully the prince will be allowed in the new wheels. RIP Beast.

Proud moment in my fledgling adulthood! I finally had my washer and dryer delivered to my new apartment in Dallas (Thanks dad!) Much to my dismay, the plug attached to the dryer was non-compatible with the outlet in my apartment. Balls. After quick calculation that my apartment is WAY to small to hang dry all my stuff, I made my way to Lowe's for a part. Manuel, the friendly helper, informed that I would need to rewire the dryer with a new electrical cord. Double balls. After taking the back panel off of the dryer, removing the old cord, attaching the new one (edgy that I would electricute myself to death all the way) and reassembling the thing thing...I'm in business. Although I broke another part (Triple balls... I'll need to replace soon) and inhaled enough lint to suffocate a large animal, I'm going to put a tally in the victory column. I can add electrical work to my short handy-woman resume. Thank god for the pink Toolkit, miss you ALB. :)

New job. New blog. The prince is in good health and spirits. New apartment with laundry. Manfriend is rolling on dubs. On my way to being an electrician extraordinarre-ess. All things considered...VICTORY.


  1. Awesome blog, can't wait for the next update. Also glad to hear that you have your laundry set up. Cheers!

  2. Do paper tiaras really count as people clothes? And scratch another mark in the grrrrl category for re-wiring a dryer! I am in awe.

  3. well, now that this blog exists my grades will surely drop, but thanks for giving me a shout-out in the very first post!

  4. Oh my goodness! Your first blog post was so stinking cute! Happy blogoversary!


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