Jul 28, 2009

The Bachellorette Puts me into a Glass Case of Emotion

Today will focus on some television-related items. Possible rant to follow.
So have have a lot of beef with the Bachellorette. I mean the show and Jillian Harris. Last night's finale left me with some unanswered questions. First and foremost, why in the balls didn't she pick Kiptyn? He was like a gillion times hotter and he loved her "passion for people and zest for life." Don't get me wrong, Ed was a real stand-up gentleman, but for goodness sakes he couldn't even perform on the fantasy date. Red flag honey. I do hand it to ed for not shaving his chest. Kudos for maintaining some semblance of being a real man. Brace yourself for a bitchy thing: She isn't even that cute. I'm annoyed she's getting these guys at all. Had to say it.

The more pressing issue with this show is that creates a tormentous tornado in my mind. On the one hand, I love how a girl has dudes vying for her affections. I really like the sexual equality of having a Bachellorette show. I just want to burn my bra in excitement. But on the other hand, I really don't know how to treat these 30 men competing to find their "one true love" and crying on national television in the process. It may be the southern girl in me, but I wish they would just fight each other and have strength competitions (Majorly unprogressive of me to think that?). The d-bag factor is already high because they're all pretty metro, but the crying just goes too far. These are smoking hot men...but c'mon. The emotional sausage fest makes me want to barf. See hot tub ridiculousness. You know how I know you're gay? You're in a hot tub with 5 other men.

Even with all of these things happening, I can't help but tune in. I exited the treadmill and sprinted back to my apartment during commercial break so not to miss any. Embarassing. One point for you ABC. I continue to be a slave to trash television.

Next television antecdote: I've discovered a new show on TLC called Dancing Tweens. Introduced to me by the nugget, the reining emporess of all television, it features kids of various ages competing in ballroom dance. All of the children are from familys of some sort of Eastern European immigrants. Like they just came to America two years ago, the majority from Lithuania. TLC seems to have quite the knack for finding the freaks of the world and turning them into television gold. Don't get me started on those damn Gosselins. But in this case, their uncanny ability to expose fascinating pockets of cultural oddity has peaked my interest more than ever. For a tasty piece: http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/dancing-tweens-dancing-tweens-sneak-peek.html. Get back to me on whether or not you find it appalling, particularly the dancing tween boys. Its really unnatural, but of course it's getting DVR Season Pass. TLC has truly out-freaked itself again.

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  1. As addicted as I am to American Idol, Ruby and HGTV's Next Design Star, I can honestly say I have never watched an episode of the Bachelor, The Bachellorette or Jon & Kate plus 8 (well, I may have watched one episode of the Gosselin happy hour). It's a matter of principle that I not support a reality TV that has no basis on anything more than pure voyeurism on my part.

    I know. I'm a reality TV snob.


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