Nov 25, 2013

New Mitscoots Colors!

Happy Monday, all! I've plugged these sweet do-gooders before, but some my closest buddies own an awesome company here in Austin called Mitscoots! Here's me and one of the co-founders being our fabulous selves:

They have a simple mission:

Get + Give + Employ

For every sock you buy, they donate an equal-quality pair to someone in need. Beyond that, they employ those in need in Austin to help package and prepare the socks for sale. Read more here. You can't lose!

On top of that, they're great socks. The Ginger and I are just a little obsessed. On a recent laundry day:

They've just launched five awesome new colors:

Anywho, the Christmas times are coming up and they make great presents. I love to wear the tall varieties with my boots and the short ones to the gym! Great stocking stuffer or little treat for a dude!

Get some now!

Nov 22, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Hello friendies! I'm TRYING so hard to blog again, I don't know why I just can't find the motivation! Anywho, thought I'd join this fun lil linkup to keep things moving...
Linking up with Brunch with Amber today!


New iPad Air!

I have been fiending for an iPad for like years and have been sitting on a phat Apple gift card from last Christmas. I've been waiting and waiting for the new iPad Mini to come out and it finally did. So, I marched my little self down to the Apple store and lo and behold, they talked me into the big dude. I'm obsessed with the thing already. Test blog from the iPad coming soon...


Tomorrow afternoon the Ginger and I are enjoying a delightful Friendsgiving celebration with some of our best pals. We are signed up to bring a veggie casserole and pie. I'm attempting a new brussels sprouts casserole (so trendy right now) and an old standby -- Bananoffee Pie. Can't wait to celebrate with my Austin family!

The Weather

It's cold today! Actual fall times might have finally found their way to Austin. Who knew?! I'm loving snuggling up in my slippers and cozy jammies (I work at home) today. Woo hoo! I think this calls for a Starbuck's run this weekend, I really enjoy it most when it's chilly.

Moon Taxi

The Ginger and I (well, more him) have an awesome friend in a band that's BLOWING up. They're called Moon Taxi out of Nashville, TN. Our pall is the fabulous drummer! They came to play a show at one of our favorite venues in Austin Monday night I'm still basking in the funs had and how proud I am of him. This is them playing the David Letterman Show last week:

Check 'em out!


The Weather!

Yes, it's a happy and a crappy. Bless Central Texas' little indecisive heart. Earlier this week it was a balmy 83 degrees. This morning, I awoke to drizzle and a high of 43. What season are you doing right now? Make up your mind, Austin! I'm also a little sad that it may force the Friendsgiving festivities indoors. :(

Work is Killing Me a Little

This week I've had a particularly annoying little task to handle for a prospective client. Without getting into it too much, sometimes the politics, red tape and bureaucracy of the corporate world really get me down. I've had a few "what am I doing with my life?" moments this week, which can't be good. Eff the man, I just want to raise poodles for a living. I wish I were kidding.

Christmas Stress

Every year I seem to get worried about my holiday elving a little bit earlier. I'm already starting to feel the heat of getting gifts figured out (the Ginger is a particular stumbling block), get my cards out the door and managing to enjoy the festivity all at the same time. Thats kind of an old lady thing, I guess. Lists are being made. Lots of lists.

Whatever the hell this is:

I've been off the Kardashian train for a while now, but come on, is that really KimK topless backwardsing on his motorcycle? There are actually a lot of things in the video that are pretty bizarre. It's worth a watch through, if for no other reason than to know what not to do as a new mom. I shouldn't probably take it so personally, but it just really grates my nerves. (Is that another old lady thing? Is there a trend forming here?)

Happy Weekend to ya, friendies! 

If you need me I'll be baking up a storm and getting into the holiday spirit! (I might also be staving of my paranoia of becoming an oldie with some debauchery...)

Oct 31, 2013

Halloween #TBT

Hello again, two days in a row. That's right. Proud.

As I'm perusing the internets this slow work morning, I'm a little sad to be a home office-er today. I'm really missing the fun that is costume, candy and treats on an adult work Halloween Thursday. The Ginger and I have some festivity planned for tonight, but I want to have fun RIGHT NOW. 

He left home this morning pre-giggling at what he perceives as the funniest hat ever:

I'll leave the determination whether it's the "funniest ever" up to you.

Perusing for a good #TBT for Instagram, I enjoyed my little walk down Halloween memory lane... Here are some gems:

A fire man woman

This was sophomore year of college and I bought this costume at Walgreens hours before the party. Not my best work.

(2006 is inexplicably missing. I literally have NO idea what happened to that one, and now I can't even think of what I was. Either it sucked or was epic.)

Playboy Bunny

Honestly, I wish I could tell ya what I was thinking. Well, I was thinking I was skinny enough to wear that. Weird.

Alice in Wonderland

This was a fun one, except obviously I got red drank all over it once I got to the bars. Didn't get the rental deposit back on that dude. #typical

Tweedle Dee

That was the year all of my friends dressed sexy and classy and I wore high-waisted fupa sweatpants. God knows I was more comfy. Yikes.

German Beer Girl

This one is also a relic of waistelines past. The notice this dress has a boob shelf that pops over the bodice part. Weird, weird feeling. Also, pigtails, you'll never otherwise catch me in pigtails.

Planet Earth

My proudest costume work to date. I made a glittery replica of the continents on my body and had space/stars on my arms and legs. Also, thats the moon on my head. I dare you to find an excuse to put a moon on your head. Word to the wise, I'm still picking green glitter out of weird places after this one. Not kidding.

Olive Oyl (and Popeye)

Not a great photo, but fun costume. I love wearing a wig on occasion. Also, if you ever decide to drink beer out of a spinach can, don't. It will taste like spinach.

Happy Happy Halloween!

Oct 30, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Like me, for example.

Hello all. I'm rejoining the blog world... or trying. I've fallen off the bloggy wagon these last few months and apparently banged my head. HARD. Something happened while I was away...

Everyone and their mom (well maybe not the moms) are having babies. Suddenly, they've popped up everywhere. Don't get me wrong, a couple of my best friends have recently added little precious angels to their brood, and those ones I love. It's all the random reminders in the social media world that make cringe a little.

Take Pinterest for example. I revisited that dude this afternoon looking for some "Pin-spiration" to get back up on that bloggy horse and this is what I found:

One is actually about breastfeeding. I can barely wrap my head around that whole thing, btw.

Now, I'm not done with Pinterest, or all these mommys by any means, but come on people. I need more piglets, puppies and pies here.

(Cue existential crisis about how I'm not evolving and still just want all the puppies and pies in the world.)

As a quick aside, yesterday I got to enjoy a lovely lunch with one of my BFFs and her new little dreamboat of a daughter:

I'd take a bullet for that kid ... and am excited to see the kind of person she becomes. And she's good at hugs, despite having tiny arms and a neck that needs holding.

My head is all wonky about this baby topic. Is that the infamous "biological clock" I've always heard of? It can't be, right?

I don't know what I'm saying. I guess I just decided to return to the internet all of a sudden and got reminded of what I already know... people grow up.

I guess in my own way I am too, but for now, if you need me, I'll be the one binge watching premium cable shows, baking things that make me dissatisfied with my waistline and figuring out new and creative gifts for new mommys (seems like I need to just ride this wave). That lucky Ginger.

PS: I've got some post ideas in by back pocket about all the aforementioned pastimes. Get excited.

Missed you. 



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